World of Warcraft Betting Sites

About WoW

World of Warcraft – great online multiplayer game developed by Blizzard.

Having peaked at 12 million subscribers in October 2010 and 5.5 million subscribers in October 2015, WoW is the MMORPG with the largest number of subscribers. She is also the Guinness World Records subscriber. Over the life of the game, more than 100 million unique accounts have been created.
World of Warcraft Betting Sites
WoW provides many mechanisms for competitive multiplayer games (PvP). Most professional matches take place at the Arenas. These are separate battle zones in which players fight each other according to deathmatch rules. Matches in the Arena are of two types: 2v2 and 3v3. Players fight until all members of the same team die, or surrender.

In early 2012, Blizzard Entertainment organized their own series of tournaments, which culminated in the 2012 World Championship Global Finals. Since 2013, Blizzard has hosted the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship with the annual LAN finals at BlizzCon.

The release of World of Warcraft Legion breathed new life into the project just when eSports bets are gaining immense popularity.

World of Warcraft Betting

We recommend betting on Warcraft 3 only after immersion in the world of this legendary shooter. This type of eSports is not roulette, so in order to succeed, a bettor needs to study all the nuances, find out information about the characters of the game Warcraft and cards, analyze the behavior of teams. Our site helps players to keep abreast of the pulse, alerting them of news in the world of eSports and offers everyone the best places to accept bets on Warcraft.

Warcraft 3 has several times become the best game of the year according to users. Shooter is a strategy, the action takes place in real time. Players need to manage an army of units – they will build military bases, extract the necessary resources and stop enemy creeps.

You should pay attention to the popular types of bets:

  • Player/Team Winner
  • Handicap
  • Futures

Player/Team Winner. It’s type of bet when you choose who will win (team/player). Simple and easy.

Handicap. Bookmaker sets a handicap for the special match. Traditionally, it’s to even the contest out. Leadership release in previous stages. You could see underdogs and favorites.

Futures. Find better odds in advance of an event starting. Awesome way to secure players before they go on the main stage.

WoW Goal

When you first enter the game, you will need to create a new character, your embodiment in the world of World of Warcraft. First you have to choose a race and determine the appearance of the hero. Then you will need to decide what your character is doing best in, and choose a class. Don’t limit yourself in your choice, because you can become anyone.

You can go on exciting journeys along with thousands of other players. You have to explore the vast world – endless forests, vast deserts, countless snow-capped mountains and other exciting areas.

From four modes, you can choose the one that suits your style of play best: Normal, Player vs Player, Role-playing and Role-playing Player versus Player. You can choose one of 9 classes. Having reached a certain level, players can purchase their own means of transportation (mounts), both ground and air (only in Outlands).

WoW roles:

  • Healer – the role of a character who can heal
  • Tank – main tank and off tank who serve as support and protection
  • DPS – they deal maximum damage to the enemy
  • PVP – they progress through the rank as high as possible
  • PVE – they progress through difficulties to achieve better gear

Live Betting

Depending on the composition of the team, experience and rating, WoW teams may start matches as favorites or outsiders. The beauty of World of Warcraft in-game betting is that players can take advantage of the inevitable changes taking place on the battlefield. You can bet throughout the match, although the window of opportunity is relatively narrow. This usually happens in a few minutes.

Live WoW bets have the advantage of achieving the best odds. It goes without saying that you need to choose the best bookmaker. The team has every chance of success. In fact, when a team manages to inflict enough damage on the opponent, the chances fall. Experienced players usually analyze the smallest details, such as a drop in hit points, mana, or energy when betting.

The most popular betting markets are on a clear winner, but large bookmakers receive players with special types of bets. Modern sports books on eSports. World of Warcraft Twitch. All players can make an informed decision.

Live Streaming

Compared to traditional sports competitions, eSports are more dynamic, and unpredictable. Everything can change in seconds, and if you can’t fix your chance, you can’t miss situation. MMORPG game in real time, you can have a live broadcast of World of Warcraft. Bettors must closely monitor individual teams.

Bookmakers offered betting in World of Warcraft, quickly giving players access to such streams. Alternatively, you could go to Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook to find out the facts of game in real time. The more important the tournament, the greater the likelihood that all of his games will be featured live. When you have access to the website, you can participate and place bets in one window. Thanks to the WoW arena, everything changes very quickly, this is an invaluable plus.

Big Events and Tournaments

Since 2012, Blizzard Entertainment started its own tournaments, culminating in the World Championship 2012 global finals. These global finals are also included in the competitions themselves, Blizzard, including StarCraft II, is a great success.

WoW Arena, which includes a large number of competitions and competitions, is the final of the WoW Arena World Cup.

National & Regional 

For any competitive WoW Arena team, the road to the finals of the WoW Arena World Championship each year begins with the fact that he must take part in national competitions. Blizzard Entertainment, as well as major tournaments of this type, can offer impressive prize pools.

Players must score points to participate in tournaments “Regionals”. These tournaments are held in North America, Europe, Latin America, China and the Asia-Pacific region and others.

World Championship Finals

The WoW Arena World Cup Final, held since 2013, is undoubtedly the number one event on the WoW calendar. The best teams from around the world take part in this tournament.

Every year the prize pool of the tournament is growing and amounts to several hundred thousand dollars.

Betting Tips

  • Follow players and teams on Twitch. Watch their broadcasts and keep abreast of the gameplay
  • Analyze predictions and reviews in Reddit and other sites. Check their veracity.
  • Always read the rules for each tournament
  • Choose the right bookmaker with the best online bets
  • Choose your preferred betting strategy. We recommend placing bets during the tournament and evaluating the process of playing live.

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