World of Tanks Betting

About WoT

World of Tanks (WoT) – favorite game of a huge number of users. Only more than 17 million use the Russian-language interface of this app.

This popular tank battle game attracts people from all over the world. Users enjoy playing this game using smartphone or tablet. You can connect to the battle anywhere using your gadget.

Both men and women with different ages play WoT. Now this is eSports. Now you can earn good money on this popular game.
World of Tanks Betting
Many tournaments are organized where gamers and bettors could earn money and special prizes. It’s easy to bet on World of Tanks. To do this, you need just to select a bookmaker and strategy for betting. More and more bookmakers are set bets on battles and offering competitive lines.

WoT Betting

Betting sites offer users a separate discipline on betting on WoT. On the betting pages of such sites appeared whole sections devoted to the conclusion of such bets. These services provide a whole host of cooperation benefits, bonuses, quick registration, honesty and transparency of relations. They provide profitable betting odds, quick deposit and withdrawal of money from the game account, a wide selection of tournaments and odds.

Bet Types

Bets on such tank battles are the same like betting on fights of other team sports. WoT is a kind of team discipline. Gamers can use standard bets in almost all specialized bookmakers:

  • Duel or a round outcome
  • The tournament winner

Bookmakers also propose to their customers betting on handicap, totals, systems and expresses. There are very unusual rates in the bank of such proposes:

  • The time interval required to kill the enemy
  • The number of kills that a team or a specific player will commit
  • The most valuable player of the match, etc

You can use profitable bets of this kind for tournaments and random fights. Getting information about battles is quite simple on the website of any top bookmaker. There is also the great opportunity to make live bets, watching tank fights in real time using live streams.

Tips and Strategies

It’s not easy to  win a bet. You must have experience and knowledge for successful bets. To obtain significant gains, bettors use a certain strategy. Tips from these professionals will be useful to newcomers bettors:

  • Potential winner, you need to learn all about the teams and players. To do this, you need to collect information about their latest fights, the most promising national team members, substitutions, etc
  • Don’t bet on intermediate competitions. In the early stages of tournaments, results are striking in their unpredictability. Betting should be done when there is a serious game
  • The streams of fights will help to find out which of the teams are in the best shape now. Match views will help you to evaluate the chances of winning all the participants. Based on the streams you can win good money. Don’t use cold calculation of the strength of the enemy

Tank battles are usually held in the format of 15/15. For such battles there are several basic modes:

  • Capture of the opponent’s base
  • Capture of a single control point
  • Complete destruction of enemy forces

The outcome of all these battles is often greatly influenced not only by the experience of the fighters, but also by the correct choice of tanks. This should be remembered by users who betting on World of Tanks (WoT). The technique of the popular game is distinguished by their features. Professional players, when choosing tanks for battle, try to even out the skew of mobility and endurance. They don’t always succeed. Bookmakers often play on the knowledge of such nuances.

Useful information about WoT teams you could find on specialized sites. It will allow any user to become a real professional in the betting field. Player stats can be found on the KTTC portal or others official resources. It will be easy to calculate tank performance. The vBaddict site offers users a wealth of analytic material about player activity, battlefields, and technology. These resources will surely help beginners to learn the basics.

Betting on favorites is the golden classic of winning combinations. Such bet allow you to win pretty decent money. But you should be careful. Bookmakers from the first minutes of a match sometimes begin to draw a favorite odds. Such bets on World of Tanks should be concluded at a time when the ratio figure is at around 1.5. In this case you could get a good profit.

Live bet

This is one of the most greatest way to win a bet. On such way, people who bet on a more productive team, often win. Not all professionals start productively and assertively from the first minutes of a battle. It’s precisely such teams that basically quickly break through to victory. It’s very easy to notice such tactics while watching the match online. It has 90% an indicator of success.

Tournaments and Bonuses

Tank battle professionals proved their skills at World Cyber ​​Games. Five years ago, such tournaments ceased to exist. And with them a whole gaming era has sunk into oblivion. League

The satellite of the developer of the game League took over from the former founder of tournaments. At the moment, they offers gamers not only exciting tank battles on different maps, a wide selection of “iron cars”, but also the opportunity to win money or advanced tanks. Especially to increase the popularity level of this app, they created a boom auction.

During this event, every gamer could become the owner of level 10 equipment. To do this, he needed to conduct 10 fights on the Civil Code. At the end of the battles, the player was given the opportunity to play bonuses.

Many gamers become the owners of powerful tanks. In the new year, the satellite of the game developer plans to repeat the auction. In addition to such an event, expensive top-end game items can be purchased in the wot-leader online store. League is the founder of many tank format tournaments. This developer gave gamers a lot of opportunities to prove their professionalism. They launched such popular events as:

  • Clan brawl
  • The time of tanks. Battle of platoons
  • Tank football. Match of the best

The company created the World of Tanks league. Thanks to these events, not only the best players were identified, but also significant winnings were distributed. With the help of these competitions, professional gamers and people who play and earn money on bets.

Best World of Tanks Players

Over such an impressive period of time, a huge number of professional players have been born. The best gamers of this discipline are:

  • Vampir__groznyj [4I7OK]
  • bergen78
  • STRIT_2016_1 [NPBY]
  • ALjvarjA [BULTE]
  • Vvkimson

This is the elite. Behind these players a huge number of wins in tournaments and matches. You can’t worry about your winnings. Scrolling through the statistics of matches is still worth it. Every day there are very active and promising newcomers who appear in tank battles.


Those players who spend all their free time to this game will finally be able to receive dividends from this. This is exactly the category that has an undeniable advantage. They know the game in detail, more than once went through difficult battles and took part in popular tournaments. Before their rewards were virtual, and the game was considered as a hobby, a vacation. Now everything has changed.

The victory brings not only medals and an increase in the ranking, but also a good amount of income. Which of them could ever imagine that a hobby for a computer toy could become a source of serious income? The winnings here are not inferior to the winnings in sports. At the same time, betting on World of Tanks is not much more difficult, and in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the game tens of times increases the chances of a successful result.