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Spirituality and Enlightenment

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What Does Spirituality and Enlightenment Actually Mean

Online Manila | What Does Spirituality and Enlightenment Actually Mean | So many people round the world are talking about enlightenment. Many are also trying as much as they can so that they attain it. The first thing that we are going to look at is the meaning of the word enlightenment. Enlightenment simply means wisdom or the ability of understanding. When you take the definition of enlightenment from the English dictionary you will find that it has two main areas. The first area is the spiritual enlightenment and the second area is the intellectual enlightenment or in other words secular enlightenment. 

The most interesting thing is that the people who have the intellectual enlightenment do not agree with the spiritual perception at any time. They believe in sciences and in the today world this is not possible considering many areas of spiritual enlightenment. 

When you consider the intellectual or the secular enlightenment you are talking about European movement called the age of enlightenment or the age of reason. This is where human beings documented on the miserable conditions of the humans and the call for serious transformation. Enlightenment was more a set of attitudes that it was a set of ideas. It main thing was a serious concern on puzzling traditional institutions, customs and morals submitting to theoretical growth connected to scientific wisdom in the C18th.

There are various quotes which are well known concerning the spiritual enlightenment and some of them are like, “to become one with yourself”, “knowing your inner self” and “obtaining inner peace.” The meaning of these quotes is like accepting yourself the way you are. You should also honor every one as they go their own way not put in your beliefs into them. You should know that you are the controller of your own life. You are also supposed to believe that there is a much higher power than you and that you are significant in this part of the worldwide energy.   

People have also agreed with the truth is that every human being is in the world for a purpose and to become spiritually enlightenment meaning looking for a cause and then taking action upon it. There are those who have taken the meaning of definition as spiritual enlightenment as it is whereas there are those who are still looking for more. The spiritual enlightenment and the spiritual world go together very well. There re those people who are born with powers whereas some have to work hard on their abilities. For you to attain the levels of spirit connection you have to meditate, focus and acknowledging mind.