Valorant Betting Sites

Riot’s new game plans to really shake up the eSports scene, and its game modes close to eSports will surely attract many potential players. But how is it worth betting on Valorant? We will give a list of tips for you. Our team checked the best betting sites for this game, also, we will give you review for this game.

Valorant Betting Sites

Valorant is a free-to-play game, a first-person tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, known for projects like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. Now they are developing several games at once in different genres, but Valorant is perhaps the most exciting project of all. Based on what we know about the game so far, it looks like a mixture of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, which is based on dynamic 5×5 shootings, seasoned with special character abilities and a bright gamut.

Based on Riot’s previous track record, eSports in Valorant will look grandiose, and the game itself can be a great discipline for eSports betting. Given the first news, there is no doubt that the project may become one of the largest games of 2020 with a significant impact on the market.


At the moment, Valorant has only 3 maps. They are fairly easy to navigate and each has its own unique features, such as a teleport or the ability to climb a cable.

You get used to maps pretty quickly, and because of the mini-map in the upper left corner, it’s also convenient to move around. So it will be difficult to get lost. A big plus of the map in Valorant is that each character shows the radius of his vision, on which the enemy is marked. And after the death or disappearance of the enemy, marks remain on the minimap. Using them, you can navigate and build your future battle strategy.


After first impressions, Valorant looks promising. The game has the potential to shoot and show itself. And given the fact that the game is being developed by Riot Games, which has successfully supported the League of Legends for many years, you can be sure that Valorant will not be abandoned after a year.

Of course, at the moment there are enough minuses in the game, which include a far from friendly donat. Although this problem is rather a model of distribution and low content content of Valorant itself. But donating to free games is still not necessary. Apart from the donut, Valorant lacks a little variety. 3 cards are memorized quickly, and 10 characters, which are sharply reduced to the 5 most useful and appearing in each match, get bored pretty quickly.

However, these are all CBT problems. When Valorant is released, there should be more content in it and all these claims will not be relevant. Otherwise, the shooter from Riot Games is a pretty good game. It has good shooting and TTK, and the abilities of the characters do not introduce an imbalance.

Whether Valorant will be able to move CS and occupy a niche in eSports is an open question. Riot has the capabilities and experience of LoL, but the Valve shooter has been on the market for a long time and has worked well. Valorant is still for many a dark horse, which is trying to occupy a niche warmer and more curious.

But in fact, Valorant is just a good alternative and development of the genre of tactical shooters, which is interesting to play. Therefore, on the release, it should be played by everyone who has been tired of CS for a long time, and R6: Siege does not attract.

Valorant Betting Tips

If you want to bet on Valorant, you should follow many of the same tips as for other sports such as Counter-Strike, Dota or Call of Duty. Make sure you carefully manage your bankroll and place bets based on math, not sharp gusts. Only in this way can you maximize your chances of winning.

A deep analysis of past performances of players and teams can also be of great importance, and a deep understanding of the meta and subtleties of the Valorant gameplay can even give you an advantage over bookies if you really become an expert in the game.

Follow the format of tournaments. The more games played, the more likely it is that the favorites will win at the end. This is the reason why in e-sports in games of the Bo1 format there are much more unexpected results. Do you watch GSL, double-elim or Swiss bracket? (If you are not familiar with these formats, we can help you with this). It can make a difference, like the form of the team before the match, especially if you want to bet on the winner.

Tournaments and match schedule for Valorant

Find VALORANT tournaments organized by communities in over 200 communities around the world. Click ‘Join’ to take part in the Valorant Tournament.

The prizes for these tournaments are fully owned by the organizers. Some of them can hold competitions without prizes. The list of awards is on the tournament page. These are examples of prizes awarded at various Valorant tournaments:

  • Cash barriers
  • Steam wallet codes
  • Gift cards
  • Codes for subscriptions and more

Where to bet on Valorant?

You can bet on Valorant as soon as the first competitive games begin. We offer reliable, high-quality sites, with pleasant bonuses.

In addition, our analysts also guarantee that you can always make a cool bet on your favorite game at any time, be it League of Legends, Dota 2 or Counter-Strike, and even Hearthstone, SMITE or World of Tanks, until the bets appear on Valorant.

We are 100% careful to do everything right when it comes to eSports betting. We test the best sites and offer them to you.

Key Factors

Sports betting sites have shifted their focus to eSports and now have separate categories for each game. Betting on Valorant is next in turn!

But not all Valorant betting sites have equal odds. Some of them are optimal, while others simply weave after them. There are several important characteristics that you should consider when choosing Valorant betting sites:

Low Margins

Pay attention to the margins of the bookmaker. If it is too high, we don’t recommend using this site. Most high-quality sites working with distributors take not much margins.

Security Measures

Betting on Valorant online as well as on other games doesn’t constitute a danger to your personal information if you use the largest and most reputable sites. When choosing a category B bookmaker, you may encounter serious personal data security problems.

We want you to use only a trusted and protected resource, and not lose your hard-earned money for nothing. In our list of the best sites, we offer only reliable and safe sites that have several levels of protection and meet the best quality standards.

Betting Options

Favorable odds and betting lines on Valorant should also have a variety like Dota 2, CS: GO and League of Legends, and have superiority over other bookmakers.

It’s important to have a wide range of bets so that bettors have the opportunity to bet on different events. Make sure your bookmaker has a variety of bets, not just a standard set.

Support Service

An important fact is the customer support service. Many users ignore this fact, but it is a very useful feature that provide you with assistance and quality advice.

Today, bookmakers fight for the best support service, offering not only online chat and mail assistance, but also personal consultants and phone help.

Valorant Betting Sites Review

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This game has great potential. It is very likely that Valorent will become one of the leaders in eSports. Of course, most sites will fight for the right best offers on this game. We are waiting for an interesting and sensational Valorant entry into the cyberspace market. Watch for future tournaments