September 27, 2022
The Verified Resume

The Verified Resume

The Verified Resume Helps Employers Hire with Confidence | via PR Newswire | Applicants for jobs can also use The Verified Resume to distinguish themselves from the other contenders for jobs.

Fort Worth, Texas — According to statistics that were published on, forty percent of job seekers lie on their applications. This is a tendency that employers need to be more aware of than they have ever been before. The team at The Confirmed Resume is aware of this worry, and as a result, they have developed a streamlined online platform to which businesses can bring the information on their resumes in order to have it verified. In addition, those looking for work are able to upload their resumes to this platform so that they can have them checked before they apply for new jobs.

According to Business News Daily, the cost of making the wrong recruiting decision can range anywhere from $17,000 to more than $200,000 for an organization. The amount of time that is spent conducting interviews is a massive waste of resources, but that is not the end of the costs associated with conducting interviews. Background checks have a tendency to tell employers certain things about their potential new hires, but these checks typically do not verify a candidate’s work history or other details that might be listed on their resumes. Background checks tend to tell employers certain things about their potential new hires.

To address this issue, there is a service called The Verified Resume. The Verified Resume has a team of specialists that immediately get to work once an employer uploads a resume to the website. Their responsibility is to investigate the candidate’s resume, which entails validating the candidate’s educational background, credentials, and employment history. Their expert staff evaluates personal as well as professional references, but they also want to remind employers that more traditional forms of criminal background checks should also be carried out. The services provided by The Verified Resume are wonderful additions to the arsenal of any anybody who works in human resources, whether they are an employer or an entrepreneur. The Verified Resume offers businesses of all sizes an unrivaled level of peace of mind when it comes to recruiting the appropriate candidate the first time around. This is true regardless of whether the company is making its first hire or its hundredth job.

The Verified Resume is an effective tool for employers, but job seekers can also use it to help them distinguish themselves from the other candidates for open positions and increase their chances of getting hired. Anyone in possession of a resume has the ability to submit a request to have their history and credentials validated by The Verified Resume. When a job candidate sends in a resume that has already been vetted, they have the opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers that they are trustworthy individuals who are also willing to take the initiative.

The team at The Verified Resume is excited to work with both companies and job seekers to build mutually beneficial relationships. Subscribing to The Verified Resume is now open to hiring managers, business owners, HR experts, and prospective employees, and you may do so at


Using online resume authentication, The Verified Resume enables job searchers to distinguish themselves from the other candidates in the pool.

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