Best StarCraft II Beeting Sites

Best StarCraft II Beeting Sites

At the moment, Starcraft is the only discipline of its category that continues to live a full-fledged life. Its prosperity ended a few years ago, but the game retained a certain audience, and Blizzard is trying to maintain it in a viable state, hence, the popularity of betting on Starcraft 2 still takes place.

Since the release, the game has become one of the main ones in eSports, and fans are paying more and more attention to betting on Starcraft 2. Blizzard holds a fairly large number of matches both independently and in collaboration with the organizers of e-sports events.

One of the main eSports tournaments that Starcraft 2 fans are betting on is the StarCraft II World Championship Series. The first tournament was launched two years after the release of the game in 2012, which was attended by 32 players. The championship takes place every year and consists of several seasons. Since 2016, the championship includes a series of matches WCS Korea, which take place in Korea, and WCS Circuit, which matches are organized around the world. The tournament prize pool has been raised to $700,000 since 2017.

In addition, Starcraft 2 players participate in other major eSports events, such as the Intel Extreme Masters match series. IEM is a series of international matches for several popular games at once, including Starcraft 2. The championships themselves have been held since 2008, and SK2 joined them in 2011 immediately after the release. The prize pool is on average $400,000, and the battles are not between teams, but by individual players.

Bonuses for bets on StarCraft 2

At the moment, you can bet on Starcraft 2 matches using the following bonuses. Below you can read more about the history of the game and the possible types of bets on Starcraft 2.

The release of the second part of the legendary strategy took place in the summer of 2010 – the League of Legends did not dominate yet, Dota 2 did not exist yet, as well as CS:GO. The interest in the game was unusually high – an interesting game in which the influence of luck was reduced to zero, with good graphics and a full-fledged ladder system – what could be better?

But by the end, by 2013, Starcraft 2 was supplanted from the eSports arena Dota, LoL and CS:GO. This is due to three factors: firstly, the “blizzard” itself destroyed the idyll – the game fell in the moment when the developers could not decide for whom to make patches – for professional gamers, or for a wide audience? This problem is still present. The gap in level and understanding of the game between these two layers is too wide. Those strategies that are performed by professionals, ordinary people rarely could use; those balance problems that professionals face do not affect the ordinary player at all – and vice versa. In an attempt to sit on two chairs, Activision Blizzard burned both.

The second reason is the complexity of the game, a high threshold for entering it. In order to understand the game at a good level, you need to spend no less time than in Dota 2. And taking into account the fact that the game is more demanding (the most demanding among e-sports disciplines) to a personal skill, everything turned out to be even more complicated.

The third reason partially follows from the second, the game is not super spectacular in terms of the ordinary viewer. Anyone who understands it will appreciate the beauty of a particular moment and the flight of the player’s thoughts. A person who does not understand it at all won’t understand anything.

The game is a real-time strategy, there are three races in it – zerg, terran (people) and protoss. Playing for each of the races is a special art, each of them has its own mechanics and strategies. Card duration – from 5 minutes, up to an hour or more. The winner is the one who destroys all the opponent’s structures, but in fact, when a person realizes that he has lost, he writes “gg” and leaves.

Recently Starcraft: Remastered was released – the rebirth of the first part of the strategy with original mechanics – this is how the “blizzard” is trying to revive interest in the game.

But the question is, what does not solve the above problems. Let’s see what developers come up with to maintain the life of their best, along with Warcraft and Diablo creations. So far, the patient is in intensive care, on mechanical ventilation. We hope that the situation will change.

How to play StarCraft 2

Starcraft is a competition match where players tend to fight one on one, but you can also play two on two. Players start by choosing one of three races. Players who use two identical races can play among themselves. Players tend to specialize in one particular race. Each race has its own unique units and abilities. The races are:

  1. Zerg, a flock of insect-like aliens whose attention is focused on the suppression of their opponents by quantity.
  2. Protoss, a highly developed race of aliens whose focus is limited to a small number of units that need to be controlled at the micro level.
  3. The Terrans, the human race, whose style of play is the most flexible of the three races.

StarCraft 2: the Heir of the Throne

The sequel, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, was released in 2010 with international fanfare, with most of the fandom concentrated in South Korea. Starcraft 2 uses the same races as we could see in the previous part, while it remains the same mechanics and balancing. The brilliant balancing of Starcraft 2 and the rise of MOBAs quite effectively destroyed all legitimate rivals among real-time strategies. SC2 can rightly be called the standard of the RTS genre (real-time strategies) due to its absolute dominance in the genre. Several other RTS games, which are updated today, are often overlooked due to SC2.

Because it is iterative, i.e. repetitive, Starcraft 2 has effectively used a  decade to perfectly tune and balance its characters . The game has already received several sequels, the last of them are Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. Although most of the new content is designed for one player, each new version (and some patches) makes its own changes to the balancing of the multiplayer (although Blizzard is trying not to rock the boat too much so as not to anger loyal fans and professional players). The game and the accompanying meta-games have definitely improved since the first release in 2010, but this improvement did not happen in one giant leap, but mainly with a series of several small steps.

Today, betting on Starcraft II is very popular among cybersport fans.

Especially Starcraft fans love international competitions.
Every year in Sweden, the DreamHack competition takes place. It is broadcast over the network, like other events in eSports.
Another annual championship, which is readily bet on, is called BlizzCon, it is organized by the creators of the game.
Starcraft II developers are organizing a conference, in the framework of which they conduct this event. Another major international championship is Intel Extreme Masters. It also applies to Starcraft.
True Starcraft fans never miss the MLG Pro Circuit festival.
South Korea is one of those countries where esports is of particular importance, where the GOMTV Global Starcraft II League tournament is held.
By betting on this event, the better will receive up to several hundred thousand dollars.
Game developers are holding another competition that stands out against the backdrop of all international events. This corporation gave the game world not only Starcraft, but many more other games that make it into the world of Warcraft. Starcraft and other developments of the company confidently hold leadership positions in e–sports and are very popular among betters.
Before you select one of the branches of Starcraft II, it is recommended that you study the information from the analytical centers as much as possible.
In the case of Starcraft, absolutely any data can be useful and lead to a win.
Each Starcraft related event has a commenter. These are e–sports professionals who are well aware of this discipline. Based on their opinions and reviews, you can make successful bets, as these people have watched hundreds of matches and clearly understand what they are talking about. A lot of stream channels and review vlogs are dedicated to Starcraft II as an eSports discipline. From there you can find out the most important information about the game in detail.

StarCraft 2 bet types

There are many different ways that people can bet on Starcraft 2 through an online broker, but at the moment they are not available to residents of the United States.

  • The most popular type of bet is a bet on who will win a particular match. In some matches from the professional league, you can bet on the outcome of an individual match in the lineup, or on a specific team that should win the series.
  • In tournaments, you can make futures bets on who will become the winner of the tournament, or on how many games, in your opinion, a particular player or a particular team will win.
  • Some sites allow players to bet on several outcomes  in various esport events, including Starcraft 2. These rates are very complex.
  • Players can place virtual goods from their Steam accounts through different sites.

Best Teams and Players

The success of a Starcraft 2 bet depends on the player or team you choose. Among the best teams, Team Liquid from the Netherlands and the Korean club SK Telecom T1 are quite often mentioned. To be part of such teams is a dream and luck for any gamer. Each team has already earned more than $1 million in tournaments. The best players for 2019 are rightfully considered by gamers such as INnoVation and Maru from Korea, as well as a player under the nickname Serral from Finland.