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Self-Discovery Series

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Self-Discovery Series—Balancing the 4 Quadrants of Life

Onlinemanila | Self-Discovery Series—Balancing the 4 Quadrants of Life | “Balancing the 4 Quadrants of Life” is one of the books that make up the Self-Discovery series. This particular book deals with the life quadrants and how one can use them to better his or her life. These quadrants all add up to two things; our actions and attitude, of which are brought about by our words and thoughts. What happens is that we absorb information, process it in our brain and talk about them. This way, our attitude towards that particular topic is shown by our attitude.

Generally, this will influence the manner in which we will behave in the quadrants. Spirit, mental, emotional and physical are the life quadrants. According to “Balancing the 4 Quadrants of Life”, 3 of these quadrants influence the outcome of the forth one. It claims that the physical quadrant is influenced by how well the spiritual, mental and physical quadrants are. The physical is the one quadrant that is visible to all those around us. This is why people get judgmental when we do not develop the other there quadrants. They always notice that something is wrong with our physical quadrant. Therefore, we should careful to improve one our three quadrants knowing that the fourth will come automatically.  

According to the book, our mental quadrant is more of a consumer. This is because it takes in information using the senses; sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. One can not control the information we take in but we can control how we use it. This is the only way in which one can control his or her mental quadrant. Use the inner voice to do this, also known as conscious. Still in relation to this quadrant, the words we utter as a result to our mental consumption influence our future. We should try our level best to dwell on the positive rather than the negative. 

As for the emotional quadrant, it is made up of feelings. According to the Self-discovery series e-book, these feelings are just but stored memory of past events. We normally see them in form of mental pictures and thoughts. We normally reflect this through our actions and talk. Faith is the major aspect of our spiritual quadrant. We normally show faith in whatever we speak or do. Generally, all these quadrants affect the physical quadrant. In the book, it is said that we should however balance all the quadrants. An imbalance may lead to a weak physical self.