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It’s the favorite game of millions worldwide users. This game is a huge success with soccer fans. Because the plot of this game is soccer. But not simple, but soccer on wheels. In a soccer battle, cars are involved, not people. On the field, a fierce battle between two teams of cars for the ball.

Everyone can take part in such competitions. For this, any user can use the free version of the soccer simulator. Each gamer who has sufficiently honed his skills can take part in the tournament, and thus earn real money. Betting on the Rocket League is also a great way to capitalize on your favorite game.

In the futuristic game, players can drive powerful fireballs, destroy everything for rewards and masterfully avoid collisions in a wide variety of arenas. Rocket League realistically conveys interactions in the game through an advanced physical system and the implementation of the laws of mass and momentum, which gives players the ability to intuitively control this incredibly energetic version of soccer. The main goal of the game is to score more goals at the opponent’s.

To move more efficiently across the field, players must use the capabilities of their car. A rocket engine can significantly accelerate on the ground. And in combination with the double jump that the machine is capable of, it also includes the third dimension in the gameplay. It’s not always possible to use a rocket engine: this opportunity consumes acceleration points, which must be selected at certain points on the map.

In addition to the rocket engine, players’ cars have unlimited possibilities for rotation around their axis. Skidding on the ground is one of the key elements of the game. And turns in the air not only help regulate the direction of flight, but also perform impressive tricks.

Don’t forget about the features of gravity on the maps. The mechanism of its action allows even beginners to ride the walls, and later makes this element of driving an integral part of achieving success.

Gaming machines can perform such actions:

  • U-turn in place
  • Movement in the available vertical planes of the arena
  • Activation of nitro acceleration
  • Bouncing


  • New seasonal mode where you can play alone
  • A huge selection of items for tuning – over 10 million combinations
  • The ability to open items and cars, as well as game statistics, leaderboards and much more
  • Exciting matches up to 8 players, which you can customize as you wish
  • Awesome split-screen mode, allowing 2, 3 and even 4 players to play at once, both with each other and against other players on the network
  • High quality replays that allow you to speed up and rewind recording, as well as see what’s happening from any corner of the arena
  • Cross-platform competitive games for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users


The Rocket League has long passed into the eSports category. Bets on this discipline are now accepted by many bookmakers.

Bet Types

Experienced bettors prefer to use certain tactics to get good wins. The most popular strategy for professionals is the money line bet. Who is the winner of the match in advance. Includes wins in all series of competitions. If successful, such a bet can bring the player good money. You can bet on random matches and competitions in tournaments. The main thing is to pre-calculate the chances of success.

Often, users place bets on handicap series. Such bets are made on teams that start the game with a negative or positive handicap. A bet is triggered if the advantage of the team is greater or less than the declared indicator. This way you can win a very good amount. The main thing for this is to choose the right tournament with a high prize pool. And determine the winner of the team.

It’s often proposed to conclude such bets:

  • Winner of a single card or bo7, bo5, bo3
  • Handicap on goals or cards
  • Tournament Winner
  • Totals of cards played or goals scored

Live betting

The most popular Rocket League bets are betting on individual games. Such agreements are usually concluded in large tournaments. In such competitions, the format is BO5 (game up to three wins) or BO7 (game up to four wins.). Such a format completely eliminates the possibility of an unexpected victory. Therefore, experienced gamers often make just such a bet. They are designed for accurate analytical calculation. That’s good.

Many bookmakers offer their guests live bets. They can be put on the Rocket League. Such bets are made during the live broadcast of the match. You can make predictions throughout the competition. Such bets are usually set by professional gamers. They know very well how to be in time at the moment when the highest rate is offered.

Predictions and Analytics

Each user making a bet on the Rocket League initially expects to win. However, to get a positive result, one desire is not enough. It needs to be supported by analytics. Before you bet, you should decide on several factors:

  • Learn about the composition of the playing team (beginners usually don’t shine with effectiveness)
  • Determine the motivation (does the team need a victory in this case or does it not play a role in the position in the standings)
  • Get acquainted with the latest games of the team (statistics will tell how the soccer team is playing on wheels at the moment)
  • Try to find out the mood of the team members (disagreements among the players and problems in their personal lives can negatively affect the result of the competition)

Based on the data listed, you can create the most accurate forecast. To do this, be closer to the Rocket League. Regularly review tournaments in this discipline. Learn as much as possible about the best and favorite players. Keep track of the most promising teams. Only in this way can we expect a significant gain. After all, newcomers are very lucky. Statistics suggest that 80% of bets are triggered by experienced gemplers.


Rocket League tournaments are events where you can please your heart and wallet. At such competitions, an atmosphere of fantastic excitement reigns. English-language tournaments are especially popular with players and spectators. They can raise money, and get pleasure.

Rocket League Championship Series – the master of all soccer tournaments on wheels. Its organizer is the developers of the game. The prize fund of this contest is about a million dollars. Teams from all over the world take part in this exciting action. Real game virtuosos gather here. In competitions of this kind, winners receive very significant rewards. The stakes on such tournaments are also very high. Here you can raise your winnings in thousands of dollars.

The Rocket League Championship Series is currently being held not only by the developers of the game, but also by some third-party companies. The prize fund of these organizations is an order of magnitude lower. It often amounts to about $ 50,000. Therefore, betting on such a tournament, you should find out about its organizer.

ESL Open Cups are the most popular Rocket League competitions. Tournaments in this series are hosted by ESL’s largest gaming platform. Everyone can take part in such competitions. Therefore, the main participants in such tournaments are mid-level players. Quite modest prizes are played here. Bets on such competitions are also not brilliant in their magnitude.

ESL Major Cups – higher level tournaments with a prize pool of 500 euros. Such competitions are interesting to players of a more advanced rank. The winners of such competitions usually receive not only money, but also in-game titles. In tournaments of this format, the Russian-speaking Team_Letim team took part. Compatriots can be proud of her. This team received the well-deserved ESL monthly elite prize.

Zotac Cup is a pretty old gaming tournament. It has existed since 2007. To date, its organizers have held 1,200 tournaments of this format. Now such competitions are held a couple of times a month. Their prize pool is 120 euros. At these tournaments are waiting for gamers above the average level. Beginners have nothing to do in such competitions. For them, the only way to make money in the tournament is to bet on the Rocket League. You can get quite a good win on them.

Shift Pro League tournaments (prize pool of 120 euros) and GhostBoosters (prize pool of up to $ 500) are also popular with betting enthusiasts. You can place bets on these competitions at the parimatch betting office.


The game in the league provides ample opportunities for analysis, as you can see how the team plays against different stages of the confrontation. Take into account the recent advantages of form and style of play in order to understand when outsider teams can play above their level and defeat an opponent with a higher rank. If your predictions work well while playing in the league, you can look for larger payouts in regional and world finals.

Match odds are a compact way to find out how much money you will win for a given bet. Let’s say Team A is a clear favorite for winning the Rocket League series against Team B, so the odds are (4:1). If you bet on the loser, Team B, you will get $4 for every 1 dollar you bet if you win. If you set aside $20, you will get $80. Not bad, right?

The Rocket League has become the leading eSports game in their category since its release in 2015, and many competitive tournaments are held throughout the year. Some of the most popular are run by ESL and Major League Gaming esports veterans, and the top tier is the Rocket League Championship series of their own.

On bookmakers page you will find real-time odds for upcoming and recently completed Rocket League matches, comparisons between the various websites that offer Rocket League bets (including bonuses), and general tips that will give you an edge when placing the Rocket League.