Best PUBG Betting Sites

Best PUBG Betting Sites

eSports world every day replenishes with a large number of independent disciplines each time delighting an increasing number of spectators and computer game lovers. Some of them are just mastodons and have a long history of competitions, just like CS:GO, Dota, Starcraft and others. There are newcomers who just blew the audience with their appearance. One of these is PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The famous Battle Royale, which made this genre independent of team and tactical shooters. The sense of this game is that on the same map 100 people are thrown from an airplane at the same time, who are trying to get a gun, equipment and stay alive. The last remaining player on the map is considered to be the winner. This game was developed in 2017 and received massive support among gamers.

A new breath in the competitive genre of shooters immediately gave PUBG a place among eSports disciplines. Today, developers actively support the competitive rating mode and help organize various tournaments. Thus, many professional players can meet and demonstrate their skills to other gamers, and, of course, compete for large cash prizes. And this, as you know, makes it possible for viewers to look behind the exciting battle of the best of the best, but also to earn money and skins on PUBG bets.

The list can be continued for a long time, but these companies that represent the majority of the gaming business. On these resources you can easily bet, watch statistics and analysis of matches, as well as the performance of individual players.

In addition, newcomers and experienced players are waiting for hot offers through loyalty programs and promotions that encourage new users. Any player who is 18 years old can use these advantages.

Each site of the famous bookmaker is filled with a huge number of opportunities and bets on eSports. At the same time, in order to put real money on PUBG, the applicant will have to go through the registration procedure. After that it will be possible to authorize and replenish the game balance using any available method. A full list of supported payment systems can be found on the betting website, but, as a rule, all Visa and MasterCard credit cards, as well as WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, PrePaid Cards, bank transfers and many others payment methods, are included there. Next, we stop our eyes on the desired tournament and match, where we select the desired outcome.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s only face is that the eSports story is extremely small, so most betting sites offer extremely small options for betting to their customers. In most cases, you can risk your money and bet on the outcome of either a particular match or competition in general. In addition, you can find an individual total, or bet on a player getting into a certain TOP during a meeting. Unfortunately, the variety is not really wide.

Betting on PUBG: analytics from experienced players

PUBG although is not a team shooter, but involves the presence of many real players on the map. Therefore, there are many options to calculate the chances of an event in a particular meeting. A lot of experienced players monitor the performance of individual players during the season, who are considered one of the favorites of the match. Using the experience and opinion of such players, even a beginner will be able to make a winning bet and get great prize money.

What should be guided firstly?

  1. Give priority to the most experienced players. The youth of this sport implies that players who gained skills earlier than the others have a strong advantage over beginners, even if the latter show excellent personal skill indicators.
  2. Keep track of the promised tournament prizes. Usually this is a direct indicator of the popularity of a particular competition, small prize pools are unlikely to attract the most experienced players, and betting on newcomers and little-known personalities is akin to playing in a lotto in terms of unpredictability. Do not pay attention to tournaments where prize pools are less than 300 thousand dollars, as part of the desire to make money on bets
  3. Stay up to date. Knowing the latest news and movements of players and teams will help to understand the rather big professional scene. Thus, one can take into account the motivation, level of preparation, and many other parameters of applicants who can tell who should be put in order to hope for big wins.

Only for new money betting fans are advised to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of both the game and the mechanics and offers of the bookmakers. Also, do not miss and try to learn all sorts of tactics and winning strategies. Naturally, this process will take a lot of time, but having mastered it you can significantly increase your chances of a comfortable future. If it is possible, always pay attention to the opinions of professionals and those who are competent in this sport. Their opinion may also increase your chances of making a winning bet.

Despite the fact that the discipline is quite young, it already has large professional eSports organizations, among them you can recognize some who create their rosters in other games – Tempo Storm, Ghost Gaming, Cloud9, Noble, FaZe, Digital, Chaos and others. However, first of all, it is worth paying attention not to the name of the organization, but to the effectiveness of the players who are in their squad.

Types of PUBG bets

Most often in PUBG, bets are put for real money. In order to make such a bet in Battlegrounds, you will need to create an account on the betting site and replenish your account through one of the electronic payment systems.

Gamers prefer betting skins. So you can win various things for PUBG, which will improve the character’s abilities. Buying Steam skins, you can spend a lot of money, here gamers have the opportunity to acquire the treasured items for free. To make the first bet you will need to have at least an initial set of skins.

Making bets in PUBG, in any case, you do not need to start with large volumes, it is better to increase the quantity gradually. You should not risk large sums at the first stages of betting in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it is better to approach big expenses wisely and with experience.

Initially, it’s worth understanding how to place bets on the Pubg. You can find many useful tips from professional cyberbetters, applying them, your PUBG bets will be effective much more often.

PUBG live betting

Live betting on PUBG is betting within the framework of an ongoing match. As a rule, live games are considered more complicated than traditional bets, as the game is constantly changing. The odds and odds of winning one or the other team increase and fall in a few seconds.

The advantage of live betting is that it is permissible to make a prediction, based on in-game events. For example, using a betting site, a player makes a bet on a PUBG team match. It can be seen that one player in the team is killed, three remain. Their chances of winning fall significantly, which is reflected in the odds.

The outsider win multipliers increase, and if they win, the betting lover gets a bigger win. The choice is on whom to bet and whether to risk money in the pursuit of a large jackpot – remains on bettor’s own mind.

The types of bets are repeated in traditional sports and eSports disciplines: ordinary, express, winner of a match or tournament, total and handicap. Most betting companies provide multipliers for the winner of the match and total.

PUBG Live Betting – What Should You Look At?

Live betting on PUBG remind a slot machine because PUBG is characterized by a very high level of randomness. The outcome of the match is largely dependent on luck. We will analyze the starting decision about landing on the island.

Let’s say the plane goes straight to the School location. It is known that one team is especially good at destroying enemies on its territory. The School offers the best loot in the game. The team that occupied this territory from the very beginning gets the best chance of winning the game. From the point of view of a betting fan, this team has the greatest chance of survival at the School.

However, in such crowded locations, there are much more shootings, and higher chances of dying. Accordingly, a team landing on less crowded territory has a better chance of surviving to the end, even if it has worse equipment. Here, as never before, strategy and tactics for the future are especially important.

Popular PUBG Tournaments

This game in the royal bat genre is gathering more and more gambling fans around it. Therefore, even before the official recognition of the game as an eSports discipline, there were various tournaments, some of which, back then, could have significant prize pools:

  • PGI
  • Championship in FPP mode
  • others

Best PUBG Teams

To bet on PUBG, bettors need to know the favorites at the moment. Here is the list of the most successful collectives by the regions:

  • Europe: Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, G2 Esports;
  • North America: Tempo Storm, Cloud9, Ghost Gaming;
  • Korea: DPG danawa, DeToNator, Gen.G;
  • Japan: Crest Gaming Xanadu, Team RAYZE, SCARZ;
  • China: LYG, SSS, AMY;
  • Macau / Hong Kong / Taiwan: ahq eSports Club, MP5, BigDealMen;
  • Oceania and Australia: Athletico, Incognito, Hell Yeah Brother;
  • Latin America: Team Singularity, Bitloft Esports, Furia.