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About  Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is an Blizzard eSports company planned for 2018. Despite the fact that it’s not as popular in the public mind as Dota 2 or League of Legends (LoL), it was developed as active professional gaming scene, now it can feature the most popular and major tournaments in China, North America, South Korea, attract attention and offer betting markets.
Heroes of the Storm Betting SitesIt’s similar to other MOBAs in several ways, but there are some unique aspects. 3 bands that heroes can choose, and the main goal of the game is to defeat the enemy base (and destroy it).

But here is no shopping service inside the game. You can’t buy items or potions. Unlike LoL and Dota, where the hero to whom the murder is attributed receives most of the experience and gold. HotS game goes on different maps and battlefields. The game has a lot of funny elements.

Want to learn about this eSport game space, where to watch live streams with matches or how to bet on your favorite teams or player? We give some details what you need to know about gameplay, maps, goals, leagues, schedules before watching or betting on HoTS.

Heroes of the Storm Betting

Most of eSports betting sites give you options to offer betting markets for the largest Heroes of the Storm eSports championships and tournaments.

Competitions are still growing in popularity, so there is still no demand for online bookmakers to bet outside of the official league’s held by Blizzard, the World Heroes Storm Championship (HGC).

Many of our favorite sites actively accept Moneyline/HGC Match Winners throughout the year.

Betting services have never deal exclusively with video games. Esports – new market, and preliminary raids are currently underway. You may come across few sites completely dedicated to betting on Heroes of the Storm. You should cover your base and make sure that your playground will earn you a brilliant penny, not deprive you of funds. Just as you would consult Icy Veins for a worthy build up of talent, you will want to know something about the place where you can bet. Here are some indicators that may help you:

  • You need to check a licensed website and find the credentials options.
  • Diversity in eSports is not easy to find, so check sport betting sites who has participated in recent HotS tournaments.
  • Would be really better to support services who survived this other eSport games in this category and be trusted.
  • You could look for aspects of the bookmaker. The built-in function of the game bets, ways of depositing and withdrawing, own mobile app are always welcome.

Betting Types

Winner – choosing a winner is never easy, but HotS disagrees in that sense. Because cards are constantly changing, it can be difficult to choose the best bet option possible.

The Region Winner – these rates are slightly less than usual, because they have only a couple of options. Just bet on a region that you think will be the winner of the tournament.

Special bets – first Blood, epic monsters, – they are the most interesting and usually the most difficult to get right. Esports fans love special bets, and all the bookmakers we recommend offer them!

Betting Tips

You can get confused when it comes to betting on this game. More options for choosing champions, a solid prize pool and others. Player skills are important, but team play is even more important. Some strategies in this game are much more promising than others, which may distort the odds of betting in different directions. Here is what you should know:

  • Analysis of the player and the team: before betting on the team of your choice, Better if you will check them a little and find out their previous 5 or more games. If they lost all 5 and more last games, it could be worth betting on another team. The same goes for players – its’ research! The amount of information you can find is less than when searching for other games, but Liquipedia has enough resources for you.
  • Patches: if a player has 4 main characters that he plays and the patch changes the effectiveness of the two, how well will this player have only 2 remaining champions (who have not been changed in any way)? This is also what you need to look out for. Depending on the patches and what they do, the player can do better or worse, so watch out.


The Heroes of the Storm eSports season is in full swing, with specific dates for all HGC events. The League of Heroes of the Golden Series also has dates for this spring season – below you could check the schedule for each upcoming tournament and their prize pools for convenience. Go to bookmark of this page to see when new tournaments are announced.

Some of the most popular:

  • Gold Series Heroes League – Grand Finals
  • HGC Copa America Phase 1 – North & South Region Open Division
  • Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #1 Europe Open Division
  • Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #1 South Korea Pro League
  • Heroes Lounge Division S Season 1 Europe
  • Heroes Lounge Division S Season 1 North America
  • Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #1 ANZ Premier Division

Most of the Heroes of the Storm eSports tournaments are held and broadcast online, which means there is no live audience or special place for teams and fans to go to for the regular season.

Finals always take place live at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, USA, and are broadcast by Blizzard. Some partners in China and South Korea place their equivalent regional leagues on live venues, mainly due to the higher popularity of HoTS in these regions.

Top Teams

  • MVP
  • Team Dignitas
  • Fnatic
  • Gen.G
  • Ballistix

MVP – this is the oldest and most dominant team in history, Heroes of the Storm, but the real composition of the team is very different from the previous ones. Thanks to its macro-oriented style of play and aggressive-spontaneous decisions. MVP Black has earned a reputation as the most dangerous team on the planet.

Team Dignitas had the highest number of ups and downs compared to other best teams in the world, while not losing the chance to light up on spectacular events. JayPL’s game on Stitch during the Offseason Brawl changed the global meta of fighters and inspired many imitators in each region, but the dull performance at the beginning of the second Phase left fans wondering if the team could make it to BlizzCon.

Fnatic dominated throughout the year. Their crushing wins over the Korean teams in the Offseason Brawl reported that Europe was ready to light, and in their region they looked invincible.

Gen.G (3:0) defeated Dignitas in the final of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship. The team earned $500,000. In the playoffs of the World Cup, Gen.G, TheOne, Team Liquid, DIgnitas, Tempo Storm, Miracle, Tempest and HeroesHearth fought.

Ballistix is the current BlizzCon champion who defeated Fnatic last year. They returned to defend their title, but the team lacks two important players, Noblesse and NaCHoJin.

How to choose Best HoTS Betting Site?

You have got some knowledge about the game and got some of betting tips that you can use about, it’s time to see how this can lead to net profit. Heroes of the Storm Betting services are a new breed. Only a handful has a proposal that covers exclusively electronic sports. The bookmaker, which often holds the pockets of major sports fans in a state of uncertainty, may be powerless before your intuitive understanding of the game. You will succeed by relying on this and apply a few tricks that are more common in regular sports betting.

Good consultant will warn you not to bet based on how much you sympathize with the team, and therefore you should not do this. However, when you have good reason to believe that he is going to go through, you have to move forward with a kill bet.

Don’t forget about such parameters:

  • Site popularity
  • Trusted
  • Security
  • Betting lines and high odds
  • Withdraw methods
  • Bonuses and promotion