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Hearthstone is a unique game in the Esports scene. No special mechanical skills are required – but a clever mind and a wealth of ideas make the difference here. This game differs from other Esports in all aspects. Hearthstone can best be described as a video card game with collectibles.

Hearthstone betting

Not only in the professional field there are many ways to approach the game. For every taste there is a promising strategy that can be used profitably with the right deck. If you like to try out new things and create decks of cards, this card game is the right choice for you.

Hearthstone has become an integral part of the Esport scene and regularly attracts many spectators to the halls during championships. A few years ago Hearthstone betting was also introduced and now there are many sports betting providers with a wide range of Hearthstone betting markets. Even as a newcomer to this betting industry, you will not find it difficult to use the bets on offer to your advantage as long as you are willing to learn the game from scratch. In this article we will be happy to give you the basics. Let’s get started right away.

How to play Hearthstone

  • Hearthstone is a turn-based card game between two players, who have each previously put together a deck of cards with which they go into battle. The object of the game is to kill the opposing hero. Each player has a Hero with 30 Health Points and once they drop to 0, the player loses.
  • Randomness decides who may start the game. This player receives three randomly selected cards from his deck and may exchange them for other cards in his deck, which are also randomly assigned. The player then draws another card and receives the first mana crystal.
  • Mana Crystals are the economic system of the game. Each turn, players receive another Mana Crystal and can use it as they wish during their turn. They are needed to play cards that all require a certain number of Mana Crystals. Cards have different attributes and abilities. Simply put, all cards can be assigned to either the Minions category or the Spells category.
  • A Minion has attack and life points; the attack points indicate how much damage this card can deal, while the life points indicate how much damage a Minion can take before dying. To win the game, your opponent’s Minions must be cleverly eliminated while putting pressure on your opponent’s hero. The basics of the game are quickly learned. We recommend that you simply play the tutorial from Blizzard. It won’t take long and the principles of the game are explained perfectly.
  • Although the game is very easy to learn, Hearthstone is a very complicated game in many ways, and creating a good deck of cards is often critical. If you enjoy trying out different approaches and strategies and have the necessary patience, you will sooner or later be able to put together a deck that promises success and perfect the associated game decisions. Due to new cards that are regularly added to the game, strategies change again and again and new concepts lead to success, while previously successful strategies are cancelled out.

Hearthstone And Esport

The professional scene in Hearthstone developed relatively quickly. To date, around 450 (as of June 2016) Hearthstone tournaments have been held. Since 2016, the highest eSports prize money has been at the BlizzCon World Championships, where a total of $1,000,000 has been up for grabs, and at the HCT World Championship 2017, where the same amount was up for grabs.

Compared to Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS GO, the prize money has also grown, but when you consider that Hearthstone has only been on the market since 2014, it’s easy to see how much potential this game still has. Because a game can be over very quickly and strategies can change very quickly, professional Hearthstone games are usually played in best-of-7 mode. This gives you the opportunity to adapt to your opponent.

Hearthstone competitions and the corresponding odds

One of the biggest competitions in the professional Hearthstone area is the HCT Summer Championship. But even beyond that, exciting tournaments take place regularly. We will do our best to keep you informed about everything and provide attractive Hearthstone odds and betting markets for many events.

Hearthstone Tournaments 2020

We have the most important Hearthstone leagues and tournaments for you. With a click on the event you will get to the detail page:

Currently – none
Finished events:


  • HCT World Championship – Winner: Hunterace
  • HCT Winter 2019 – Winner: Roger
  • Hearthstone Global Games – Winner: China
  • WESG – Winner: Fujitora

Top Hearthstone Betting Provider

The first Hearthstone bet was placed even before the official release of the game. One of the reasons for this is that at that time both the gaming world and a few betting companies were already relatively open to professional games and eSports betting through other eSports games. In the beginning there were only a few bookmakers offering Hearthstone bets. This was also due to the relatively small eSport scene.

In the meantime a lot of bookmakers have noticed how fast the Hearthstone community is growing and have reacted accordingly. If you want to bet on Hearthstone nowadays, you have a wide range of bookmakers offering such bets. Many of them have recently added eSport betting to their program and offer good bonuses or even free bets. Special bets are a rarity in Hearthstone, but the odds on classic win bets are very high. So you can make quite good profits even with small stakes. If you bet on the favourite, despite the high odds, you are not so wrong, because he can counter possible surprise strategies of the opponent in up to 7 games. To find out which bookies you can bet on Hearthstone and where the best odds or bonuses are waiting for you, take a look at our bookmaker comparison.

Three easy steps to get started with Hearthstone betting

  • The first step is to register an account on the bookmaker from our list. After that you have full access to all Hearthstone bets. Registration does not take long and can be done by anyone for free – provided you are of age.
  • The second step is to learn about the game, different cards and strategies, and the current meta. As already mentioned, the game starts before the first card is played and much of the game is decided when building your own deck. Those who are familiar with decks and their strengths in the current meta have a better chance of correctly predicting the winner of a game.
  • Have you studied the game sufficiently and do you feel comfortable using your new knowledge to win? Then it is time to deposit money and make your first bet!

Get an advantage with Hearthstone bets

To be successful at Hearthstone betting, you need to be able to estimate odds and chances of a player better than the bookmaker. To do this, it is essential to know the game and its strategies inside and out. With this knowledge you can make a well-informed decision and better determine the winner of a match. This is especially important in live betting, where you have little time to make the right, winning bet at the right time.

As we have emphasized several times before, the player with the “better” deck has a huge advantage. Nevertheless, this does not automatically mean victory. There are also skills that need to be mastered during the game to be among the best. Much of what happens in the game can be summarized under the term “speed strategy”.

It is essential to know when the right moment has come to step on the gas pedal and when it makes more sense to slow down. With Hearthstone, the person who dictates the tempo is on the best way to win the game and thus exerts constant pressure on the opponent’s composition. However, having control of the tempo doesn’t necessarily mean having more Minions and thus having the upper hand over the board. On the contrary, there are decks that are designed to strike at later stages of the game, and in the early rounds of the game are only designed to dissuade the opponent from a strategy that could lead to a quick death.

To control a game, several things can be decisive, and they always depend on the deck of cards. These include mana efficiency, card sequences and gaining a resource advantage.

For successful Hearthstone betting, this means choosing a player who knows exactly what is important and who can make up for any card disadvantage with his or her immense speed. Because cards are drawn randomly from the deck, each game is different and there are always new challenges and demands. If you can withstand this pressure and have the right answer in all situations, you are a good candidate to bet on.

Let’s lose a word about synergies of cards, which are an important part of card sequences. In Hearthstone, there are many cards that are especially effective in combination with other cards, or are very good against certain cards of the opponent. Knowing when a combination is most effective is one of the most difficult aspects of learning Hearthstone. If you are too impatient, you will be punished. If you wait too long, you can quickly miss the optimal moment.

The best Hearthstone players not only know everything about their own deck, but also have a good idea of what their opponent has in store. Only in this way can cards with certain synergies be used most effectively. You will have to watch or play many games to get a good feeling for this. The more you know about card synergies, the better you can see if a professional hits at the right moment or makes a mistake. This happens more often than you might think, even in the biggest tournaments.

Betting markets at Hearthstone

The betting markets at Hearthstone are rare. Basically, it’s all about predicting the winner of a match. For example, if Player A has odds of 2.0 and Player B has odds of 1.75 and you bet €10, you can win €20 on Player A and €17.50 on Player B by betting the right amount.

In addition, tournaments also offer the possibility to bet on the overall winner. This means you bet your money on a player (or team) and hope that this player (team) wins the tournament. Winnings are paid out immediately after the last game is finished.

Is There A Broadcast For Hearthstone Games?

This question may seem a bit strange, because after all we are talking about a card game. Nevertheless, professional tournaments, including commentators, are broadcast via various channels (e.g. Twitch). And rightly so, as you can see from the increasing number of spectators. Meanwhile a lot of streamers have jumped on the bandwagon, broadcasting their private games and commenting on their own game on the side. Admittedly, watching is only interesting if you are reasonably familiar with Hearthstone, but you can learn a lot from the pros and thus speed up your own progress many times over.