Halo Betting Sites

Halo – military first-person sci-fi shooter, was released in 2001. Originally developed by Bungie, Halo is in the hands of 343 Industries and is published by Microsoft Studios. The game was highly praised and became one of the best in console history. In total, the franchise has more than 50 million copies sold worldwide and $3.4 billion in fees.

The history of the game tells about the confrontation between people and the Covenant of aliens in order to preserve their own planet. Due to the unsuccessful movement in space, the ship of the main character of the game, Master Chief, falls on a giant Halo – a titanic-sized ring on which the artificial world is located. Master Chief will have to unravel the halo secret, and get out of it before the aliens take possession of information regarding the location of the Earth.
Halo Betting Sites

Many professional players from all over the world are fighting in popular tournaments with big prizes. There is a huge struggle for rating and worldwide recognition.

Halo 5 eSport Multiplayer Game Types

  • Assault: 4 vs. 4, you need to successfully deliver the bomb to the base of the enemy team
  • Breakout: 4 vs. 4, first win five rounds, single elimination per round (not respawnable).
  • Capture the Flag: 4 vs. 4, need to capture the enemy team’s flag and defend your own.
  • Team Slayer: 4 vs. 4, your team should get the most kills per match.
  • Strongholds: 4 vs. 4, you need to capture the marked territories on the map for points.

Tournaments and Championships

Major League Gaming is the main North American partner and organizer of the Halo Championship Series, marking between Halo and MLG. They will manage the two American HaloWC qualifiers and the HaloWC finals.

343i collaborated with the following regional tournament organizers:

  • Australia/New Zealand: ESL Australia will host all HaloWC events.
  • Europe: Organizes all HaloWC eSports events in the EU, including HCS London.
  • Latin America: Gamelta is returning as the main organizer of all HaloWC esports events in Latin America, including HaloWC in Mexico.

Halo eSports fans from each region can purchase skins with the flags of the AR and Magnum countries representing each of the main competing regions for use in the game in Halo 5. The regions include Australia, Canada, Mexico, the UK and the USA. They come in limited quantities, REQ packages are only available during the qualifying periods of the Halo World Cup.

Microsoft Surface will also support all HaloWC tournament events as an additional partner, providing specialized Surface tablets to serve for the Halo World Cup. Each tournament station in each HaloWC tournament will be equipped with a Surface so that tournament viewers can use them.

Live Streaming

The official channels for the Halo World Cup this year have not yet been officially announced, but it’s safe to say that fans can watch every regional qualifying match and final online on eSports sites like Major MLG.tv and Twitch.tv League Gaming.

The official Halo account on Twitch, as well as the Halo Waypoint Esports homepage will also have built-in live streams for each HaloWC for quick access.

Play Options and Betting Options

The game’s story modes:

  • Single-player – corresponds to the main storyline
  • Multiplayer – classic arena shooter

There are two teams of 4 players each, and various maps and arenas. Two teams enter the arena to fight, and whichever team member is last, the team is considered the winner. Bonus points can also be earned by completing the tasks indicated at the beginning of each round.

Betting process in this mode is simple. Odds for every team are set before the start of the game, players can select and place bets in the game. Live betting odds continue to change while the game progresses. Teams that complete more secondary goals are also eligible for bonuses. Intensive gameplay and unpredictability of the game is the reason why users tend to make more bets and ultimately win even more.

Almost ten years ago when Halo was launched, the term eSports was not even invented. The game met with great resonance in the gaming community, but no one at that moment could imagine that Halo would become one of the most popular eSports. Players began to spend hours mastering weapons and memorizing maps and arenas. New wave of competitive video games has led to annual tournaments and video game deals.

The betting options around Halo is slightly different from the other video games. There are three types of markets and how the Halo betting system works:

Winner’s market – basic method. The two teams that must participate complete with different or similar factors, depending on their performance profile. The winner, in the end, gets a win. The win for a team with a higher odds is less, and vice versa. It’s always better to bet on the side with a higher probability of winning, that is, on the side with higher odds.

Handicap market – similar to the winner’s market, in this case, one of the parties at the beginning is given a small advantage of chances, and during the game the chances fall due to the gained advantage, thus offering more profit.

Open winner – this mode is designed for those who really want to test their fate. This mode requires a large deposit and offers a total amount of winnings. In this mode, bets are not placed on every game or round. Players take calculated risk and predict outcomes. In fact, they predict which team will win the finals or the regional championship. The stakes are high, and if you win, the bet brings a large amount of profit.

Bonuses and Free Bets

Users who first register on some sites are eligible for bonuses for new customers who provide several free deposit games and up to $100, as well as free eSports bets. You always could check Welcome Bonus on betting sites.

Some will receive financial support every few deposits, most often when every 3d time someone makes a deposit.

Don’t forget about cash benefits, some betting sites also offer free cash withdrawals without any commission reductions.

Payment methods

Most of betting sites propose those popular methods:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard/Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • American Express
  • Epay
  • Ether
  • EazyPay
  • Echeque

Customer Support

Esports betting sites are protected by measures such as binary algorithms that provide secure transactional capabilities. Customer transactions are highly secure because 128-bit SSL encryption is enabled.

It’s very important that betting sites provide timely and quality support to users. Support could be provided not only in payments and withdrawals, but also in the game nuances.


We expect that most of the world’s best eSports betting sites will accept bets on Halo World Championship tournaments – they did this last year and a year earlier, and we guarantee that they will be back again this year with updated prize pools and support from larger companies like Major League Gaming, which wants to turn Halo back into the eSports powerhouse it once was in the 2000s.

If you are interested in betting on Halo eSports events or even just want to learn how to bet on eSports in general, please feel free to read our helpful guides.