Fortnite Battle Royale Betting Sites

Video games are more popular worldwide than ever before, so it’s not surprising that an unprecedented number of new games are launched each year.

The leading publishers and developers are working tirelessly to maintain their competitive edge, creating bigger and better games, and many smaller, independent developers are also trying to make an impression on the industry.

Most games that come out every year don’t develop any real momentum, but a few always become huge successes. One of the latest big success stories is Fortnite from Epic Gaming. The game was released in 2017 as a PvE (Player versus Environment) shooter and grew explosionary when the Battle Royale version was introduced a few months later.

To call Fortnite Battle Royale popular would be a gross underestimation. The game has been described as a cultural phenomenon, and the number of players is growing at a rapid pace.

Although the game is still so new, there are already calls among gamers for it to be included in the tournament scene and established as an eSport. We believe that it will soon be the case, and we are not alone in this.

There are open betting markets on all popular games such as League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so there are many ways to place bets. And because we value these sites so highly, we are sure you will enjoy using them.

What is special about these websites? There are several factors, but at the end of the day they simply offer an excellent betting user experience. They are reputable and trustworthy and know how to best serve their customers.

For more information on how we rate the eSports betting sites, see below. You will also find additional information about the Fortnite game and its incredible popularity.

Betting Information

We have not only mentioned the sites in the list above because it is to be expected that they will offer Fortnite betting. If that were our only criterion, the list would be MUCH longer.

Due to the popularity of Fortnite, it is very likely that most eSports betting sites will offer betting markets for the game once eSports competitions are held.

When we create lists like the one shown above, we aim to name only the very best websites. It is important to us that our readers can trust our recommendations, so we don’t just pick a few sites at random. We research and test the various options carefully before deciding which ones deserve the highest rank.

You may think that there are no big differences between online betting sites, one is like the other, but in reality there are worlds apart. The difference in quality between the best and worst sites is HIGH. And they are getting bigger and bigger because the best websites are constantly working to improve.

The idea that it doesn’t matter where you bet and play online is quite common among gamblers on the Internet. We are doing our best to change that, because we know only too well that you can have a very bad experience on the wrong website.

Most websites are not intentionally bad – those responsible often simply don’t understand what it takes to be successful.

There are dozens of online gambling sites that have been launched by their operators in expectation of easy money. Most of the time, they find that running a quality website is much more difficult than it looks.

Online betting websites have to pay attention to many things in order to provide a quality service to their customers. Here are just a few examples of the different areas they need to master:

  • Safety and security
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of betting options
  • Different methods for deposits
  • Fast payout of credit balances
  • Vouchers and promotions

Info about Fortnite and Fortnite Battle Royale

The original Fortnite game was released in July 2017. It was jointly developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, and Epic Games is also the publisher. The game is classified as a “co-op sandbox survival game”. If you don’t know much about the different genres of video games, here is a brief overview of what that means.

  • Koop is the abbreviation for cooperative games. Here, the players are on the same team and work together to achieve their goals.
  • Sandbox games are also called “open world games”. This means that the players can freely explore the virtual game world and play as they please, instead of having to follow a linear/fixed game flow.
  • As the name implies, survival is what the survival game is all about. Players must try to survive as long as possible and/or achieve certain goals before they “die”.

Fortnite plays on Earth. The background story is about a worldwide storm that has destroyed 98% of the earth’s population, so that now zombie-like monsters roam the planet and try to destroy all that is left of human life. Up to four players can play together on randomly generated maps with the goal of completing joint missions and surviving enemy attacks.

Missions typically consist of gathering resources, building fortresses, and protecting survivors. Players must construct weapons and traps that their virtual character can use to fight the monsters.

Rewards come in the form of experience points, skill points, and technology points that can be used to improve various aspects of the virtual characters. Resources and weapons can also be earned directly in the game or found in lootboxes.

Since Fortnite Battle Royale came out, the original game has been called Fortnite Save the World.

If you are interested in playing it, the following video may be helpful. It is a guide for Fortnite beginners, recommended by the publishers of the game itself.

The Fortnite version Battle Royale was released in September 2017. It is a free-to-play game that supports microtransactions. Through these microtransactions, players can purchase virtual money in the game environment that can be used for additional equipment and upgrades.

Fortnite Battle Royale is based on the same storyline as the original game. The main difference is that it incorporates the Last Man Standing game mode, originally made famous by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

In this version of the game, up to 100 players (individually or in teams) fight against each other on a single map. The goal is simply to be the last player or team left.

This rather simple concept catapulted Fortnite into another stratosphere. In terms of numbers of players, PUBG overtook it early on and has been steadily growing in strength ever since. Here you can find the official trailer of the game, so you can get your own idea of the game.

Reasons for the popularity of Fortnite

Every now and then a video game comes onto the market that attracts the attention of the gaming community with a completely new genre. Typical gamers love new ideas, and if they are well executed, they always attract a lot of attention.

Fortnite, of course, hasn’t invented anything really new. The original game is based on genres that have been around for years, and the Battle Royale version is clearly inspired by PUBG.

PUBG was already a popular, well-established game with a huge following, so how could Fortnite overtake it so quickly?

It’s never really possible to say exactly why a particular game suddenly shot to the top of the charts, and that goes for Fortnite as well. However, a few aspects of the game have certainly contributed greatly to its popularity. Let’s take a look at what they are and how they have helped Fortnite reach such heights.

It is free of charge

Let’s start with the obvious. The original Fortnite game is a paid game (it costs about €50), but the Battle-Royal version is a free-to-play game. You only pay if you want to play it yourself.

The game can be played well without investing in the in-game currency, and you can make it to the tournament player without spending a cent.

Easy entry

Hardcore gamers almost always prefer games with real depth that are challenging. Games that are too simple or too easy to master have no long-term appeal. They may be fun in the short term, but they can’t last in the long run.

Fortnite is neither simple nor easy to master.

However, it is EASY to get started and acquire the basic skills. This is certainly one of the reasons why the game became so popular so quickly. It appeals to a large audience, even casual gamers who don’t want to spend weeks exploring a game in all its complexity.

Appealing aesthetics

Very few modern video games look really “bad”. But not many have the Fortnite aesthetic. The successful comic-style graphics make the game something very special. They convey an unusual feeling, which is currently not found in most other titles.

This makes the game more attractive for a wider audience and is closely related to the next point.


It’s true, Fortnite is a shooter when looked at closely. There are weapons, and the goal is to kill people (or zombies). But because of the comic style of the game graphics it seems much less violent than other shooters. It simply cannot be compared to such “blood-thirsty” games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.

Understandably, there are many parents who do not want their children to play extremely violent games. As a result, certain games can only reach limited numbers of younger players. With Fortnite, which is considered family-friendly by most, this problem does not exist.

Prominent players

Apparently, not even celebrities are immune to the attractiveness of Fortnite. Many famous people have publicly announced that they play Fortnite with devotion. Especially the rapper Drake has commented on this.

He has even promised to rap about Fortnite on his new album if the developers make an own emote (a dance or movement of the virtual game characters) for him.

Several soccer players have performed Fortnite dances to celebrate goals, and such public displays naturally contribute to the success of the game.

In terms of public perception, Fortnite is also a phenomenon in social media. There are thousands of videos on Youtube, and professional streamers have covered the game in detail. A particularly remarkable example is “Ninja”, probably the most famous Fortnite streamer.

Ninja and Fortnite Streaming

Professional streamers now occupy a huge part of the eSports industry, especially in the video games sector. In case you don’t know what they do, they record themselves while playing video games and broadcast this on social media channels like and Youtube.

Believe it or not, there is EXTREMELY BIG interest in these streams.

It may sound crazy, but there are literally millions of people who enjoy watching other gamers play. Some try to pick up tips and tricks, but for many, it’s just the entertainment value.

Often these professional streamers do much more than just “play” video games – they also comment on what’s happening on their screen, often with wit and a good dose of humor.

A streamer known as “Ninja” on Twitch has an incredible success story with Fortnite. Tyler Blevins (as he is called in real life) has over 5 million subscribers on Youtube and over 6 million on Twitch. It is estimated that he earns about $500,000 a month from his streams!

Ninja regularly plays with or competes with celebrities, and in one of his most famous fights he competed against Drake. There was even a $5000 stake in the game, so it was more than “just fun”. In the following video you can see how it went.

The fact that one person can attract so much attention with his successes on Fortnite shows the dimensions this game has reached. Will its popularity continue to grow?

It is difficult to predict, but so far there are no signs of a decline. When the inevitable move into eSports comes, the game has a good chance of becoming one of the most popular video games for years to come.

Opening up to eSports will also open up new opportunities for gamblers. Most eSports betting websites will offer betting markets for professional fortnite tournaments as soon as they are available.

Just make sure you choose the right websites for your bets, for example the ones we recommend above.