What is esports betting?

Esports betting – is the young direction of sports betting. It appeared as a consequence of the development of computer games. If a computer game has grown into online tournaments between gamers, it is logical that there were people who wanted to make a sports bet on the victory of a gamer, and then the team.
What is esports betting?
But how to bet on e-sports and what strategies can help win? In which bookmakers is better to bet on esport? This article is a kind of short online training on the types of bets in e-sports, strategies with a rating of bookmakers.

Where to bet on Esports?

Bookmakers have opened bets on e-sports relatively recently, and this type of betting quickly began to gain popularity among fans of excitement.

Bets start at an average of $ 5, restrictions depend on the popularity of the game and the ongoing tournament. For example, DotA 2 bets are limited to $ 10,000, and you can bet more than $ 3,000-5,000 on betting odds.

Key Facts About Esports

ESports Audience

In addition to changes in technology, the portrait of the gamer as a whole is changing.

If previously only a teenage guy was considered a gamer, today 45 percent of American gamers are women. And the average player age is 34 years.

By 2021, the Millennials (a generation of people born in 1982-2004). reach their peak purchasing power and become the main part of gamers.

By 2021, it is predicted that annual growth rates will be approximately 14%.

Who is an esportsman?

Since esports is equated with one of the sports, the question arose: who are professional e-sportsmen?

A professional e-sportsman is a person playing one of the e-sports disciplines in tournaments and competitions. Players earn by successfully playing tournaments. In addition, players in favor of a certain organization receive a salary, the size of which directly depends on the experience and skills of the player himself.

ESports Prize Pools

ESports is a relatively young sport. At the beginning of the formation of the industry, there were many problems with the organization of tournaments.

Prize funds are amazing in their amounts, hundreds of tournaments are held annually in various disciplines. And if one city tournament can have a prize pool of only $ 1,000, then in another, world championship, $ 30,000,000 can be played.

In 2019, the prize pool of the main tournament of the year for players in Dota 2 amounted to $ 32,000,000.

Top Esports Games

Especially eSports games are team games, but there are also solo ones. We will tell you about the most popular eSports games.

The first two games are the basis of e-sports, they have entrenched among fans as the most vivid and thoughtful games for team competitions.

  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • FIFA
  • Starcraft II
  • Battlefield
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • PUBG
  • Rocket League
  • Smite
  • Street Fighter
  • Super Smash Bros
  • World of Tanks
  • WOW

Popular Esports Tournaments & Leagues

  • The International Dota2 Championships
  • Battle.net World Championship Series
  • Call of Duty Championship
  • Capcom Pro Tour
  • eGames
  • Evolution Championship Series
  • Halo World Championships
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • League of Legends World Championships
  • Major League Gaming
  • World Electronic Sports Games

esports betting

Types of eSports Betting

Betting on computer games only partially coincides with betting on classic sports competitions. Consider the most common eSports markets.

  • Money Lines. Most games end with the victory of one of the participants. In some cases, a tie is allowed.
  • First round or first map winner.
  • First Blood – a bet on the team that first kills one of the opponent’s characters.
  • Total Kills – The number of kills committed in one battle, one round, or on a single map.
  • Individual Total Kills – The number of kills committed by one team.
  • The first 5-10-15-20 kills – a bet on the team that first reaches the specified number.
  • Total Time – The duration of a round or match.
  • Total Maps – The number of maps that will be played in one match.
  • The number of rounds in one match. For example, if the game goes up to three wins, the possible number of rounds is 3, 4, and 5.
  • Round or Map Winner
  • Going further or winning the championship

Special types of bets designed for a specific sports discipline are also possible. For example, a unique bet on StarCraft 2 is the first attack, the construction of a certain building, etc.

  • First Baron or Dragon
  • First Inhibitor/Tower
  • Knife Round
  • Knife Round/Pistol Round
  • Map 1 Overtime

Pros and Cons of ESports Betting


✔️ Openness – teams rarely hide their losses, such as the Premier League clubs, when the damage to a football player is known only before the start of the match. In eSports it is easier to find out about changes in the lineups – the information is available and completely open.

✔️ Frequent competitions – each player is able to play up to 15 games a week, and this is noticeably more than in other sports.

✔️ Outsider wins are very common, especially in online competitions. If you like to bet against your favorites, then be sure to understand the intricacies of such bets.

✔️ Availability of esport streaming – meetings are easy and convenient to watch, since almost all fights are broadcast on a specialized platform – twitch.tv.

✔️ Errors of bookmakers – so far not all offices have enough competent specialists in this field, the database is not complete, it contains flaws, which leads to rude quotes, which sometimes do not reflect real probability. Often offices do not see the difference between recessions of gamers and shortcomings (errors) in a particular battle, which can be easily eliminated for the next battle.


❌ Margin is quite high, although there is a tendency to decrease. On popular sports, it is in the region of 5-7% (on average), but on e-sports it can reach 14%. Among legal bookmakers, there are no such indicators, which pleases. Their margin is 8-11%.

❌ Fixed games. When e-sports was just in its infancy, there were a lot of them, but now it’s getting smaller, because gamers have expensive contracts that they don’t want to lose. Most often, agreements can be observed in China and Korea.

❌ Victories of the underdogs – this moment can be a minus, because it is not always possible to predict the failure of a favorite and the quality game of an outsider.

❌ Maximum betting limits. It should be understood that the more the office fears for the formed quotes, the less it will allow to put on this event.

What to consider when analyzing esports events?

  1. Individual or team play.
  2. Changes in the game – I mean innovations in the computer game itself, which can influence the balance of power and the results of gamers.
  3. Map / location – one of the main parameters that affects the outcome of the competition. Each team has favorite and unloved cards (strong and weak).
  4. Team transfers occur regularly and they are able to change the picture of the team’s game. Strong gamers are replacing the weak, more experienced ones are replacing the young.
  5. Age – statistics say that gamers over 30 are not as productive as their younger opponents. Most likely, the reason for this is the speed and accuracy of the reaction, which in games is the main factor in achieving a positive result.
  6. Teamwork – a team game is much more important than the skill of individual performers. Without teamwork, the team cannot achieve the proper results.
  7. Qualification of players. In tennis there are ratings of tennis players – in e-sports there are also ratings that allow you to compare teams and individual players. In addition, such ratings provide an opportunity to track the growth or decline of results in recent battles.
  8. Functional state, form of teams – focus on the last fights, and not on the season as a whole.
  9. Motivation. Depending on the significance of the tournament, players are attuned to battle differently. For example, if the prize fund of one competition is $ 1 million, and $ 50 thousand in the second tournament, then it is obvious where there will be a lot of motivation. But not only money affects motivation – it can also be a principled opponent, a home tournament, etc.
  10. Online or LAN tournament. This is a type of competition: online battles take place on the Internet, gamers are located at home, and LAN tournaments (offline) are organized at special venues where teams come.