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How to choose a bookmaker?

Best Esports Betting Sites

Bonuses and Promotion

Bonuses are cool. No one will refuse an additional bonus to their bank. Most bookmakers offer bonuses of various kinds – from “free” bets to a real money bonus on your account balance. However, be careful – before applying for a bonus, read all the conditions for its use and further withdrawal of funds.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a bookmaker company is the level of odds relative to other bookmakers. But it’s worth saying that the bonus system for regular customers, or vice versa for new players, can level low odds.

There are many different types of bonuses, but the following three types are most popular: “free bet”, cash deposit bonus and cash-back bonus. Consider each of them, as well as other possible options:

Free Bet

As a rule, this option offers a fixed small amount (usually the free bet size varies from 5 to 50 dollars), intended for betting. Here you should definitely read all the terms of use, since you can’t withdraw this amount, since you didn’t earn it. It’s also possible to withdraw funds only after repeatedly scrolling through the deposit amount, or you must use the bonus within a few days from the moment of deposit.

Usually this bonus is provided to new customers – as a welcome compliment for choosing this bookmaker. However, some portals practice this style of bonus handling: every one hundred first (fifty first, two hundred and first) bet is free.

This option is most favorable for people who take bets seriously. If you went to put a dozen bets per month on your favorite team, then every one hundred and first free bet you don’t need, much more pleasant – a welcome bonus. The welcome amount may be issued both after registration and after the deposit.

Cash deposit bonus

Based on the name of this type of bonus – you receive a certain amount only upon the transfer of funds to your client account. Amounts can vary from small (for example, 3-5% bonus on each deposit), to absolutely prohibitive (up to $ 500-1000 on the first deposit). First of all, pay attention to all the conditions for crediting a bonus to your account – as a rule, the deposit period for receiving a welcome bonus is limited. Also, before the deposit – be sure to calculate the total amount of the bonus credited to the account. If bigger the bonus, it’s more difficult to withdraw funds in the future in most of situations.

Cash-back bonus

This is another typical view. It’s essence lies in the fact that you receive a fixed small percentage (usually no more than 5-7%) in your account with the bonus amount, which is returned to you for a certain scrolled amount, or the number of bets. The percentage may vary depending on the sport and your chosen coefficient in the event. Such a bonus is usually offered to experienced, regular customers (VIP), but there are bookmakers who operate with a cash-back bonus for new players.

Other Bonuses

Another type of bonuses that are found among bookmakers specializing only in eSports is the portal’s own virtual currency, which you earn for each bet, the bonus amount is determined by the bet coefficient. In the future, for these bonuses you can purchase skins for your favorite character, or a gaming device – a mouse, keyboard or rug. It’s also usually possible to convert such currency into real money into a client account, but this is rarely beneficial.

The remaining types of bonuses are individual for each bookmaker, and can be absolutely unique. As you can see, there is a whole scattering of various bonuses, and you can choose a comfortable option individually for you.

Which regions bet the most on eSports?

Again, the lack of clear data does not allow a final answer to this question, but we believe that the geography of eSports betting is most likely almost the same as the geography of participation in eSports games at the usual level. In this case, the main eSports betting regions are as follows:

  • Asia61%
  • United States23%
  • Europe12%
  • Rest of world4%

Top Esports Bookmakers by regions:

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