Best Esports Betting Sites for Sweden

Sweden is a place where a substantial number of today’s cybersport stars were born. Due to the fact that some Swedish cybersportsmen are really famous in the world, eSports in Sweden develops significantly. And this is clear that the interest among the fans of cybersports is connected with their desire to bet on particular eSports disciplines. This article is a useful guide for those, who live in Sweden, and want to find out something new about eSports betting market in this country.

Is eSports betting legal in Sweden?

Yes, it is legal, if you live in Sweden, you may put a bet on any eSports competition on the foreign online betting site.The government has monopoly on gambling procedures within Sweden in the form of Svenska Spel (local betting company), but bettors do not prefer to bet on Svenska Spel and choose and a foreign company, that suggests them pleasant coefficients, welcome bonus, different promotions and other useful features.

The Swedish authority cannot punish Swedish bettors who play on foreign companies This is why many bookmakers have a Swedish language and a currency of this state – Krona. If you are from Sweden and you are not sure if a particular betting site suits you, then, trust, since all the betting companies that are introduced on this page are completely safe and should be useful for you.

About Swedish betting companies

Most Swedish bookmakers operate their business from Malta , where the tax burden does not compare to the attractiveness of Sweden. The most famous of them, without a doubt, is Betsson. This BC has only two licenses – the UK and Malta, but this is enough for it to successfully promote its products. Betsson is famous for its aggressive betting market policies, absorbing its competitors left and right. The bookmaker focuses on the Northern European market, successfully competing with the strongest rival in this business – British BC.

Another well-known Swedish office, Unibet, has long gone beyond the narrow framework of the homeland. It is managed from Malta, but it has licenses from Denmark, the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, and Estonia. First of all, the company, like its competitor Betsson, is interested in the northern region of Europe. And she already has 9.5 million users.

eSports betting: The struggle for the Swedish inheritance

Even before it became known that the new law on gambling would allow foreign companies to officially work in the country, bookmakers from all over Europe actively promoted their products in Sweden. It’s not a problem to pay the rate in Swedish krona. For those unique Swedes who do not know English, there is an option to include the state language.

The British giants of the betting industry were most successful in working with the Swedish audience. Primarily the ubiquitous Bet365 and 10bet. Among the local operators, one of the largest European gambling companies Betsson and the notorious Unibet stand out.

But nothing prevents other bookmakers from exploring the Swedish market. In fact, they have no financial obligations to the government, except for license fees and tax. The tax, by the way, will be slightly higher than the European average – 18% of turnover. For a license you need to pay from 8 to 70 thousand euros – sheer trifles for bookmakers with millions of incomes. The local market is considered one of the most democratic and competitive in the world. Now it’s up to the adoption of the law, which is already scheduled for early next year and what the European Union has been asking the country for so long.

Sweden Betting Perspectives

One of the main reasons why the Swedish market seems so sweet for betting companies from all over Europe is the prosperity of the local population. A rather quiet and conservative country is ready to spend a lot of money on entertainment, and you can do this without leaving your home, having only access to the Internet. The entire Swedish gambling market in 2017 cost $2.7 billion, and the market for the non-state-regulated gambling sector exceeded $650 million, which is 13% higher than the previous year. As throughout Europe, the online gambling sector is growing rapidly. And Sweden is one of the most advanced European countries in the field of new technologies.

How to learn to bet on eSports?

Every beginner bettor who wants to make money on bets is faced with a dilemma about which direction he should choose, what kind of sport to analyze and analyze. Recently, eSports is gaining more and more popularity, as many exciting tournaments are held for various computer games, which are not only interesting to watch, but also pleasant to bet on them. But, in order to learn how to bet on eSports, you first need to remember a few key rules that can significantly help increase the bank:

  • Before you begin, try to find the matches of the team that interests you on YouTube or Twitch, and then do a brief analysis of what you see. This will allow you to schematically discern the key points on which the construction of the game is based.
  • Try to bet less in advance, and use live-options. Right now there is a substantial quantity of betting sites that suggest you to bet live.
  • Rely on a greater extent on personal meetings of players and teams, because often the team can concede to almost everyone, but against certain organizations show an uncomfortable game and constantly win. Such an example can be found in Dota 2, where Evil Geniuses, no matter what the conditions, they always successfully opposed Virtus Pro.
  • Watch for changes in the games themselves, as the additions of patches coming to them significantly affect the balance, as well as the strength of individual heroes, players and teams, for this reason you need to be wise in analyzing and tracking innovations that can qualitatively affect the outcome of the game .

Deposit and withdrawal payment methods for eSports betting in Sweden

  • Direct bank transfer: This payment method may be beneficial for many customers. The advantage is that it is easy to do it, also this is really safe. You may redeem your betting wallet with the use of an account of the Swedish bank. The only minus of this method is that you will need to wait for 48 hours till money will get to the account.
  • e-Wallets: E-wallets are provided as a payment type at significant number of different betting companies. The most known of the are Neteller and Skrill. Both of them are available for on the websites, that we suggest on this page. Besides, you may utilize many other not-well known e-wallets for betting. E-Wallets are spread now due to one fact, that is extremely crucial for many players – you do not need to enter your personal information to create your own e-wallet.
  • Online payment services: Online payment services are becoming more popular among bettors now. In Sweden, the most popular of them are Trustly and Zimpler.

Tips for the most popular eSports disciplines in Sweden for betting

Dota 2

If this is Dota 2, then first of all you should pay attention to how often the team plays on the selected heroes, whether there are simulated ligaments, as well as the opponent’s characters that can directly counter the whole choice. Remember those characters on which players of one of the teams most often try to execute their strategies. As a rule, most good teams very rarely vary their successful arrangements, relying on those heroes whose quality has been tested by fights.

But here you need to understand two key features:

  • there are absolutely versatile teams, for example, Virtus Pro, which can play the entire tournament on completely different heroes;
  • a number of teams ban the key positions of the team well, forcing them to choose unusual characters.

First of all, pay attention to what characters are chosen for the first and second position, since the course of the game depends on these roles. Experiments with support characters may be quite appropriate, but non-standard core heroes can put a team in a known losing position.

Watch for global connections, which are usually tied to the use of the key abilities of the characters. The history of Dota 2 knows many examples when a few buttons pressed cost a million dollars. For example, the famous strategy from Evil Geniuses Ancient Apparat and Earthshaker will be dreamed by LGD.CDEC players in nightmares.

The rally starts at 2:45. Do not bet on those matches that already do not solve anything from the tournament point of view, since for the vast majority of teams they are an excellent platform for experiments, which leads to unreasonably risky actions, a large number of unusual heroes, as well as quick defeats in twenty minutes.


If we are talking about Counter Strike, then the analysis of the game on a particular map that ended up in the pool comes first. As a rule, broadcasters try to show how successful a particular team is.

Pay attention to whose peak is being played in a duel at one time or another. As a rule, the first map is always chosen by a stronger team, therefore the favorite has more chances to win in it, in addition, the same statistical nuance is characteristic of the third map, which is decisive in most fights.

Analyze how long a particular map has been in competitive mode, as very often the organizers introduce changes that add or remove different locations. In this case, even a 100% victory rate may not mean at all that the meeting will remain with this team.

Look closely at the individual characteristics of the players, which can be directly related to the content and content of the map. For example, a number of locations are geared towards the jewelry game of snipers, while others, on the contrary, require attack aircraft that can successfully occupy ground control points or knock opponents off of them.