Best Esports Betting Sites for Philippines

In the Philippines too, eSport betting is gaining ground and enjoying great popularity. Tippers have the opportunity to make sometimes high winnings with their bets. But to make sure that all this is serious for both sides, you should also keep an eye on the offers of your betting provider when choosing one. There are a few private betting providers in the Philippines that have already made a name for themselves and offer you the best basis for active betting on eSport. We have made a comparison of the bookmakers and summarized for you which providers really could score points. It does not necessarily have to be a provider based in the Philippines. International bookmakers are also very popular and are gladly taken up by the bettors.


As interesting as it sounds to be able to make a lot of money with a little bet, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to whether it is really legal. That’s why we want to take this worry away from you for now. The question of whether eSport betting is legal in in the Philippines can be answered quite simply. There are currently no laws in in the Philippines that state that you are not allowed to place bets on eSport. There are only the regulations for private betting providers. These point out that betting companies in in the Philippines are not allowed to advertise their offers. However, this has nothing to do with you as a customer of the betting companies. In fact, this requirement is even being negotiated, purely with regard to classic sports betting, as the betting providers are not in a position to act as sponsors in this way, which is not exactly advantageous for the athletes and teams themselves.

So as long as you are registered as a private bettor with the bookmakers and place your bets, nothing can happen to you. This means that you only bet for your private entertainment and do not do this as a profession.

Even if you have to pay attention to this point in in the Philippines, you can place your eSport bets relatively relaxed. The eSport betting providers in in the Philippines are usually based in another country and have established themselves in in the Philippines over the years. When searching for a suitable provider you should keep some criteria in mind.


The criteria are an important reference point in our comparison and after we compared the individual bookmakers, it quickly became clear who could convince in several areas and where there is still potential for improvement. The following bookmakers made it to the first three places:

  • 1st Betway – Bookmakers with Tradition

The betting provider was already founded years ago and at that time still operated under a different name. But in the meantime, not only the name has changed – the bookmaker’s range of products is also constantly growing. The extensive betting portfolio, good odds and an attractive bonus are now considered the hallmarks of the bookie.

  • 2nd Bet365 – Bookie with a wide range of bets

It is hardly surprising that the bookmaker is widely known, as he repeatedly draws attention to himself with unconventional advertising measures. In addition, Bet365 is also known from the sponsoring sector, but here he has made a name for himself primarily in the sports betting sector. If you would like to bet on eSport, you are also at the right address with the provider. Although the company is not based in in the Philippines, it does make its services available here as well. In comparison, the bookie is convincing with an attractive bonus, a varied betting offer and good customer service.

  • 3rd Betvictor – Safe entertainment and a long tradition

While some bookmakers either turn away from customers from in the Philippines or try to rip them off, the bookmaker Betvictor has written the word entertainment in big letters on its flag. And this applies to customers from all countries. Betvictor, too, enjoys the popularity of around 25 sports.

In addition, the safety regulations are always up to date, the customer service is fast and reliable and the bonus program is very impressive: Betvictor offers its new customers from in the Philippines a bonus of up to 3000 PHP when they place their first bet.


The realization that you can place your eSport bets legally is the first important step in finding a provider. Now it is important to find the right bookmaker. Some points are especially important. In addition to a regulatory gambling license, there should also be a transparent payment system. It is also important that you can benefit from good customer service. For this reason, we have included these criteria in our comparison and used them as a basis for our search for the best eSport betting provider in in the Philippines.

The presentation of a gambling license should be available

This is a particularly important point in the area of security. If you are looking for an eSport betting provider in in the Philippines, then it should definitely have a license. This license is issued by the respective country in which the bookmaker has its headquarters. In this way, the authorities responsible for issuing the licenses check carefully whether all requirements are met by the bookmaker and whether he stands for safe betting.

The area of security also includes the protection of your data. All data that you enter at the bookmaker, for example for registration or payment, should only be transmitted via an encrypted website and only be used by the bookmaker himself. The transfer to third parties, for example for advertising purposes, can be disadvantageous for you.

The transparent payment system at a bookmaker

The deposits and withdrawals at the eSport bets in in the Philippines are of course for you quite a high value, because after all, it is your money that is being used. You invest capital and want your profits to be safe until you have them paid out. The deposit and payout should therefore be transparent on the website. This already includes the question which methods are available for the deposit and withdrawal. This goes further than the costs up to the duration of the money transfer. The duration influences both the deposit and the withdrawal. Depending on which payment method you choose, the deposit can also take several days. Many bookmakers deliberately take their time with the payout. For you this is of course particularly annoying. Through a transparent payment system you can easily see how many days you have to wait until your money is deposited or withdrawn.

The versatile betting offer at your bookmaker

Although the betting service has nothing to do with security or money transfer, it does have an impact on finding a good bookmaker. That is why we have also taken up this topic for comparison. If you would like to place eSport bets in in the Philippines, then you are of course interested in being able to choose from a variety of betting options. Depending on whether you are one of those gamblers who only bet on victory or defeat, or whether you also like to use live betting, you have a certain idea of the betting offer and should definitely keep it. Not looking at the betting offer when comparing bookmakers can later prove to be very annoying. Therefore, it is better to invest a little more time and then decide which bookmaker can convince with the betting offer.

The support as a reference point

One of the most important criteria for a good bookmaker should be support. With an optimal customer service you have several advantages. You have a friendly contact person who can competently assist you with your problems and is easily accessible. But exactly these criteria have to be taken under the magnifying glass in a comparison. Three questions must be answered:

  • On which ways is the support available?
  • When is the support available?
  • How competent and friendly is the support?

The ways in which customer service can be accessed are many and varied. In addition to the hotline and correspondence, live chat is increasingly being made available. As far as times are concerned, it really depends a lot on the provider. Some have support that is really always available, others have fixed office hours. Fixed office hours do not always have to be bad. If you know in advance that you will not place your bets at night, then the support may well be sufficient for you.

A simple website for customers

In order for you to act and react quickly when you place your bets, the website should be kept simple and clear. You will find this out relatively easily. Go to the bookmaker’s website and have a look at the presentation here. Often you can have a look at the betting slips or at the internal area, where you can get an idea of what is going on. But also in our comparison we have of course given the website and its structure a place and make sure that the results are included in the evaluation for the eSport betting providers in in the Philippines.

Betting from anywhere with the app

Have you already thought about whether you can actually become active on the road via your betting provider? The mobile offers of bookmakers for eSport betting in in the Philippines are on the advance. Anyone who likes to look into their account while on the train or waiting at the doctor’s office and perhaps even actively betting needs the right mobile offer. An app is an optimal help, but it can also be a mobile website that can be used on all operating systems. In any case, it is not wrong if the bookmaker generally has a mobile offer for his customers at hand.

The odds as a factor in the evaluation

In the evaluation of a good eSport betting provider for in the Philippines, the odds should of course also be taken into account. They are an important factor for you as a tipper when it comes to having the greatest possible success with the lowest possible stakes. The odds comparison quickly shows how big the differences between the individual bookmakers really are. When selecting the providers, pay attention to their odds and take a look at the development of the odds for several days. After all, many bookmakers try to score with good odds and change them later. This is a problem especially with flexible quotas.

The new customer bonus and the promotions

Fill up your account directly when you log in. The new customer bonus is a popular classic in the advertising that bookmakers can make for themselves. They offer to double your deposit or to transfer a certain amount to your account after you have signed up and made a deposit. However, you should not forget the bonus conditions that must be met in order for the bonus to become yours. In our big bookmaker comparison, we have therefore carefully examined the new customer bonus. In addition to this, some bookmakers also offer regular promotions, which can also be claimed by existing customers. Here you should also keep an eye on the conditions. It should be considered that a bookmaker who has no or very few promotions does not necessarily have to be bad. If you don’t attach much importance to it, it can even be useful to consciously look for a provider with a small bonus offer.


When searching for your eSport bookmaker in in the Philippines you now have some important criteria at hand, which can and should have an influence on your decision. However, as it sometimes has to be done quickly, we have once again taken up the three most frequently asked questions of people who want to decide on a provider:

What should a good bookmaker have to offer?

Looking at the betting offer is not necessarily the only action you should take before signing up. Several factors play an important role in identifying a good bookmaker. First and foremost, make sure that he states a licence on his website that identifies him as a reputable bookmaker for gambling. By the way, you can check whether these licences are still up to date by checking with the respective authorities that issued them. Check which payment systems are offered and whether there are any costs involved. You should not have to pay any costs if you want to use the offer. The last important point is the support. It should be easily accessible, friendly and of course very competent.

When can I start betting?

Normally, the registrations with a bookmaker are done quickly. It does not take much time to fill in the forms. Most bookmakers send an email to the address you have given after registration and you have to confirm via a link that you have really made this registration. Then you can use your account. You can place your first bets when your money has been transferred to your account. Depending on the chosen method, this often only takes a few minutes.

The customer opinions are negative, what now?

You have found some customer opinions in the search for a bookmaker, which do not have a positive tenor and are now worried about whether it is really a good idea to register with the provider. The customer opinions on the Internet can give you a good insight into the personal opinion of the tipper. However, they do not give you an objective overview of the bookmaker’s offer. They only provide solid comparisons that really shed light on a provider from all sides, without the inclusion of personal sensitivities or experiences, as is often the case with customers.


If you live in in the Philippines and would like to place your bets with one or the other eSports provider, then you have a choice of several providers that you can use. Our comparison has shown that bookmakers with fair odds and good service are not outnumbered. Often it is only a small difference that determines the rating for first or second place. Here you get an overview of the criteria from our comparisons and you can also learn more about the bookmakers who have proven to be particularly trustworthy and good. This will save you a lot of time when you go through the large market of bookmakers yourself and make a comparison. At the same time, you will know which criteria are particularly important when making a decision.