Best Esports Betting Sites for Netherlands

Happiness can only bring money to those who are willing to take a risk. Of course, gambling is always a risk and even with eSport bets, which are increasingly attracting the interest of gamblers, there is a risk of losing. However, those who deal with the subject and place their bets wisely have a good chance of being quite successful. But first of all, you need a good bookmaker. If you live in the Netherlands, then you can choose from a variety of providers, because in fact eSport betting is already relatively widespread here. Amongst others, national providers such as Interwetten, but also international providers are among the first places to be found when it comes to scoring points with a good offer.

When people talk about sports betting, whether it is classic sports betting or eSports betting, they mean that it is a game of chance. In the Netherlands, betting providers therefore even have great problems getting a licence. Consequently, there are very few chinese betting providers that offer eSport betting at all. On the other hand, is quite different. eSport betting in the Netherlands is not a game of chance, but is classified as a game of skill. If you look at it strictly speaking, this is actually true. Because a game of chance is always subject to chance. Nobody can predict in which compartment the ball will land in the roulette and nobody can influence the outcome. With eSport bets, on the other hand, it is pure probability. If you are a bit involved in eSports, you know the favourites and can easily estimate who has a chance of winning. Coincidence is occasionally involved here, but it is not the driving force. Instead, he can of course change a result, but the probability of this is relatively low. In the Netherlands, however, the law states that gambling is a game in which chance exclusively or predominantly influences the result.

It should also be mentioned, however, that there is a state monopoly for sports betting in the Netherlands. So the state has an interest in putting their regulations in the way of providers. On the contrary, they flush money into the coffers and are therefore very welcome.

The choice of providers who come directly from the Netherlands and also offer eSport is still rather limited. But this may change in the long run. International providers based abroad are also very important in the Netherlands. Therefore, it can’t hurt to take a little time to find a good provider and to pay attention to different criteria. With the large selection you have here, you do not have to make any compromises.


With the criteria mentioned above, it is relatively easy to make a good comparison and to use it to find the best eSports betting provider in the Netherlands. We have done this before and our list is quite impressive:

  • Betway as the biggest bookmaker

Betway is also a bookmaker with tradition, founded many years ago. The offer is constantly increasing. A very large betting portfolio as well as good odds and a fair bonus are the trademarks of the provider. Also with this bookmaker you hardly do anything wrong when you decide to register.

  • bet365 – the bookmaker with the extraordinary advertising

The provider Bet365 is known in the Netherlands for the simple reason that it repeatedly draws attention to itself with rather unusual advertising measures. At the same time, it is very actively known in the sponsoring sector, which should be of particular interest with regard to classic sports betting. But also if you would like to place eSport bets, the provider is a very good contact point. A very fair bonus, a large betting offer and a good customer service speak for themselves.

  • 888Sport – multiple award-winning bookie

The bookmaker from the house of the entertainment giant of 888 Holdings Plc is also reachable for the Dutch bettors. 888Sport Netherlands relies on the well-known qualities of the 888 subsidiaries and relies on a modern appearance and a lucrative sports betting bonus of 100 Euros. The 888sport provider also cuts a fine figure in other areas. It even won the renowned EGR Award in 2017. Their old-new offer can be described as quick-witted and can secure a good 94 out of 100 possible points in our 888Sport test. The exclusive 100 Euro bonus for new betting fans is particularly well received.


If you sign up with a bookmaker, then you are of course doing so primarily because you would like to be active here and probably more often or regularly. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea of what a good bookmaker should offer you when choosing a bookmaker. We have very clear ideas and we have summarized them for you. Some of them you probably already have on your screen, others you might not have thought of at all.

A look at the license

You should still make sure that the bookmaker you choose is serious. Seriousness can be seen in many points, one of the most important points is in any case the look at an existing license. Depending on the country in which the provider has his headquarters, he is checked here by the authorities and receives a license if he adheres to the authority’s guidelines. You can usually find out whether a license exists directly on the website of the provider.

In addition to the license, security also applies to your data. After all, you also give sensitive data to the provider and in this way you ensure that this data is circulated. It is important that the bookmaker works with a clean encryption and that it is exactly noted in the data protection regulations for what he uses your data. If the terms and conditions are not in English and you do not understand them, you should not register with the bookmaker.

Transparency in payment and costs

Of course the bookmaker wants to earn money from you, that is no secret and every bookmaker will admit that openly. But how he earns from you is the other question. Normally the bookmaker lives from wrong tips. This means that if you bet on the wrong player in eSport betting in the Netherlands and lose, the bookmaker will get your stake. However, some bookmakers sometimes charge fees for deposit or withdrawal or for account management. These are of course all factors that are not exactly beneficial for your profit margin. A look at the cost structure as well as a transparent presentation of all costs should therefore be the focus when looking for a bookmaker. The variants for deposits and withdrawals can also give an insight into the flexibility of the bookmaker. If you are satisfied with credit card payments, then you should not have a problem with any of the bookmakers. But it is different with e-wallet providers. These are not all always accepted.

Good support is half the battle

In any case it might be interesting to have a look at the support. Of course it is best if you don’t have to use it at all. But of course you don’t know that beforehand, because there can always be problems, especially of a technical nature. Therefore the support should be easily accessible, if possible via several ways. Here every customer prefers other ways to reach the contact. Nevertheless it can’t hurt to have a live chat at hand, where you can simply write if there is a question or problem. However, the chat should only be decisive for or against a bookmaker to a limited extent. The times in which the provider can be reached may still be important for you, because here too there are sometimes significant differences. The round-the-clock service is particularly widespread among international bookmakers.

Variety of betting offers

The variety of eSport betting in the Netherlands was for a long time still quite manageable, because this area is generally young. However, this has already changed in the meantime and an ever increasing range of bets is being made available. Nevertheless, the bookmakers are still very different in some cases. For this reason it is important to compare the betting offers. If you want variety and are also interested in live betting, then a comparison of the different betting offers is a good basis to assess to what extent a bookmaker can suit you. Of course, there are also people who have fewer demands on the betting offers and are already satisfied with a small selection of possibilities. However, just for the sake of variety, it is still advisable to look out for a larger offer from which you can choose.

Easy handling of your personal area

Whether a bookmaker has a knack for designing a website well is usually already apparent on the start page of the provider. If you have to search here for a long time, this is already a first annoyance. But it is even worse if the internal area is so confusing that you lose too much time when it comes to placing your bets. Of course, this is all a matter of practice. But who wants to lose a lot of time because they have to spend a few hours or even days with the platform? Therefore we see a clear platform as an important point when it comes to finding good eSport betting providers in the Netherlands.

Highest possible odds as a positive factor for you

Of course you want to make a profit with your eSport bets in the Netherlands and of course you also want to make the highest possible profit. But that only works with high odds. The bookmakers, on the other hand, want you to invest the highest possible amounts. However, the customers only do this with low odds, so that the profit increases. This shows the problem of the odds. Customers want the highest possible odds, bookmakers prefer low odds. In a comparison, you can see how big the differences actually are here.

Mobile betting offers for more flexibility

One point that may also play a role in finding a bookmaker for you is mobile betting services. Mobile apps have a special charm, because they allow you to control your account, check your betting slips and place bets from really everywhere you have reception. The apps or mobile websites are offered by more and more bookmakers. However, it is by no means a matter of course that it is possible to access your account from anywhere without having to go through your browser. So if this is an important factor for you, you should include it in a comparison.

Special offers for new and existing customers

Also important is the point of the offers that are made available to customers. This does not mean savings, because a good bookmaker does not call for additional costs. Instead, it is about bonus programs that can be taken advantage of. Very common are the bonus programs for new customers. If you register with a bookmaker for the first time, for example, you can receive a bonus on your first deposit if you meet the specified bonus conditions. These usually refer to the type of bet and its odds. But also existing customers are increasingly rewarded with bonus offers in which they can participate. So if you are one of the gamblers who consider a bonus to be an important point, this can be an interesting factor for you.


In order to place eSport bets in the Netherlands, you cannot avoid a bookmaker. However, there is often uncertainty about how you can really recognize a good bookmaker. This is actually quite simple. Therefore we have compiled the most important questions on this topic in a quick overview for you.

The most important signs for a good bookmaker – what do they look like?

Probably the most common question is what are the signs of a good bookmaker. This is relatively easy to answer. Of course, you have your own ideas of what your bookmaker should bring along. However, there are some points on which there is no compromise, such as security. A license as well as an encrypted data transfer are important basics. In addition there is a transparent payment transaction. This starts with the listing of the payment methods and extends to the possible costs. Additional costs should also always be disclosed. In addition, a good bookmaker offers you optimal support.

How long does it take before I can place my first bet?

That is fast. The bookmaker himself has an interest in customers being able to act as quickly as possible. Directly after registration you have to confirm via email that you have made this registration and you can start betting. However, you must first transfer money to your account. This can take a little time. If you decide to deposit via credit card or e-wallet provider, you will usually have the money in your account within a few minutes.

Do I really get my winnings paid out?

If you make sure that the bookmaker is reputable, then there are no problems with the payout of your winnings. Of course, it may well be that it takes a little time until the money is actually in your account. However, this also depends on the method you choose for the payout. Before opening the account, ask how long the payout will take. Usually you can find the information on the website. If this is not the case, you can test the support right away.


In general, the Netherlands is a country where betting is part of the game and is of great importance to gamblers. This can be seen from the simple legislation and also from the fact that you can choose from a variety of different providers that are licensed. In order to find your way around this multitude, you should take your time and compare the offers of the bookmakers. We did the comparison and got an interesting result. In addition to bwin, bet-at-home and Sunmaker were also convincing. All three bookmakers take almost nothing away from the betting offers, the service and the fair odds. So if you place great value on a bookmaker that has its origins in the Netherlands, you should be satisfied with these providers.