Best Esports Betting Sites for Italy

The criteria we select to choose from all betting sites

Those who venture into the world of online betting know very well how many proposals can be found online. There are dozens of aams betting eSport sites with a regular license to operate. Getting to choose one and make it your own is a process that can be long and complicated.

In the following section we wanted to indicate what are the factors that can tip the scales on one operator or another. Very often you don’t think about this, but even a few details can create a positive gaming experience.


Since we are talking about modernity, we want to include the concept of e-sports now. What can be understood by this term? It’s simple. Video games. There is an increasing number of video game championships and leagues all over the world. Real professional teams of players have been born, competing online and in big live events. And some betting sites have promptly jumped into the industry.

The two video games of the moment are League of Legends (often abbreviated LOL) and Defense of the Ancients (known as DOTA). In short, in these games two teams made up of different characters battle it out to conquer the enemy base or fortress. There are a series of maps to conquer, to get to the final victory. Despite all their features, the various online betting sites treat the challenges of these tournaments as if they were games of any sport. There are in fact bets on the winning team of a tournament but also bets on individual challenges.

Bets on a single match can be on the winning team, the handicap with which a team will win and also the number of maps won by each team. For fans of this category access to the betting world was an important step. Those who are experts in these games can try to predict and, why not, take home some winnings. These bets are something that players are increasingly looking at when choosing a bookmaker.

eSports betting for League of Legends

League of Legends – short: LoL – is one of the most popular games in the eSports sector and therefore it is also the game on which many bets are placed.

Every spring and summer the two league phases of the LCS take place – with the Spring Split and Summer Split. In addition, two major international events are held every year: The World Championship (LoL Worlds) and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

According to this, LoL bets are simply indispensable in the assortment of the most popular computer game betting providers! In League of Legends you have to destroy the enemy Nexus. This is located in the home base of each team. To get there, towers and inhibitors must be destroyed and enemy minions killed.

In League of Legends, two teams of five players play against each other. The player selects one of more than 100 champions to control. Each champion has four different abilities that can be combined and plays a specific role in the game. As the game progresses, these abilities can be expanded by gaining experience and killing and destroying the various Objectives.

eSports betting for CS GO Counter Strike

CounterStrike – in the technical jargon only called CS:GO (the GO stands for Global Offensive) – is one of the most popular games at all, which is why the corresponding eSports games and tournaments can be found in the program of almost every eSports betting provider.

There is no other eSports title that comes up with such a high tournament density. The most famous Counter-Strike tournament is the Intel Extreme Masters.

CS is a so-called online tactical shooter, in which two teams, mostly consisting of 5 players each, compete against each other. The task of the terrorists (short “T”) is to place a bomb at one of two given locations within two minutes and then detonate it. The anti-terrorist unit (= “Counter Terrorists” – CT) must prevent this.

Up to 30 rounds are played, with the sides being switched halfway through. The team that has won 16 rounds first wins the map. At the beginning of each round the teams can buy weapons and equipment. The budget depends on the outcome of the previous rounds. Each player starts with 100 life points. These are reduced by hits, explosions, falls or other events.

eSports betting for DOTA 2

In Dota 2 (official name: Defense of the Ancients 2) again two teams (Dire and Radiant) compete against each other. Usually each team consists of five human players.

The goal of the game is to defend the “Ancient”, the main building of the respective faction, and to destroy the opponent. One Ancient is located in the main base of each team. In order to destroy it, each player must gain enough experience and gold in combat.

Dota 2 offers a choice of over 100 heroes. Each hero is distinguished by different abilities. Adapted to the strengths of the character, he takes on a certain role and position on the map. As the game progresses, the abilities are improved and the gold supply of each hero is increased. With the gold won, the player can buy over 100 different items, which are useful to the hero in different ways during the course of the game.

Welcome bonuses for new users

One of the first things you look at when choosing betting sites is the welcome bonus reserved for new users. The reason is quite simple. It is one of the very first things you get when you arrive on a bookmaker’s homepage. It is proven that when a player decides to choose his operator, then he will hardly change it, unless he has a very negative experience.

As a result, all betting sites are always looking for some offer that will convince the player to sign up. Each of them, then, will try to customize their promotions by offering some particular idea. A bonus that is always highly appreciated by bettors does not include an initial deposit.

Usually it is a small amount, but it allows you to make the first experiences of the game without depositing money. To get it, simply register with the site and upload your own ID card. In this way, you will get your final game account. For some operators this is already more than enough to give a bonus to new members.

Other betting sites, however, prefer to offer bonuses linked to the first reload. An example of this is the doubling of the first deposit up to a fixed maximum. This is also an offer that generally meets the approval of users. Alternatively, other operators still decide to refund some of the lost bets. It is known that making a wrong bet is annoying. For this reason sweetening the loss with some form of cashback, at least in the beginning, can lead a user to choose a certain site.

Odds offered by bookmakers

Here we talk about a concept that players watch very carefully when they have to decide their betting sites. Obviously, when a user signs up with an online betting site they are intent on taking home some winnings. And if a site offers higher odds, this automatically means higher winnings. That’s why bookmakers need to keep their odds at the market level, if not more.

Clearly the odds don’t just depend on the operators. The trend of the odds also follows the trend of the bets. Bookmakers choose the opening odds of their bets. Then the money flows from the players can make them change, and a lot.

If, for example, the over/under of a basketball game sees most of the bets go on the under, the odds of that bet will go down. At the same time the odds of the over will go up. Or the amount set as the limit will go down, making the bet more complicated.

It can be seen, therefore, that betting sites have a partial power to decide the odds. In addition, some operators are offering special or increased odds on certain outcomes or games. In fact, more than one such promotion can be found, particularly on football. Another solution that other betting sites have studied concerns a bonus on multiple bets. These are more difficult to win due to the presence of multiple events at the same time. In order to encourage the user to make these bets, some bookmakers offer an additional percentage of winnings or the chance to miss an outcome and get a bonus.

Live betting and streaming service

If this article had been written three years ago, perhaps the presence of streaming service in the evaluation of betting sites Italy would not even exist. But things are evolving and today live betting and streaming service are a fundamental part of the service offered by bookmakers. We introduce the concepts, for less experienced players.

By live betting we mean a bet that can be made even when the event has already started. The odds are adapted to the progress of the competition and the events that happen. Take football for example, which is obviously the most popular sport on betting sites. A game starts with certain odds. If there are no goals, the more you go ahead with the stopwatch the more the odds will drop. If, on the other hand, a team scores a goal, its odds will go down, while at the same time the odds on the draw and victory of the opposing team will go up.

The streaming service, on the other hand, concerns the transmission of events on the site itself, live. This is a possibility that is reserved only for players already registered with a site. Very often other special terms and conditions also apply, such as a deposit to be made or a bet to be placed on the event you want to watch. Clearly not all sporting events can be broadcast from betting sites. There are television rights and contracts to be respected. However, this is an increasingly considered service when choosing a bookmaker.

Accepted deposit and withdrawal systems

As you have already seen, there are definitely many aspects to consider when choosing the various online betting sites. As this is an activity in which money is circulated, the methods of withdrawal and collection are also very important.

In fact, bookmakers do not exactly have carte blanche in this area. Money transfers from and to operators are governed by Italian law on online gambling. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts, daily play limits and similar data must comply with certain guidelines. The same applies to the same payment methods that can be accepted.

The standard for operators is to offer as types of payment Visa and Mastercard (sometimes Maestro) credit cards, Postepay, bank transfer and postal bulletin. These are mainly historical and classic methods. With bookmakers who also have real points of sale, you can also top up your account at the betting point.

The law governing betting sites also allows you to use the new online money transfer methods. One site that allows these operations is Paypal. The choice to work with these sites and applications is the responsibility of the various bookmakers. Some choose to offer these modes, even with the desire to attract younger groups of players. Others, on the other hand, remain faithful to more traditional methods, trying to put efficiency first in these services.

The quality of customer service

Quality betting sites are also recognized for their customer service. It may happen that during the gaming experience the user may find problems or anomalies. For this reason a serious bookmaker must be able to offer solutions, even quickly.

More or less all the sites have created F.A.Q. sections within them. By this word we mean a list of common questions that are answered. It is a first way to look for some solutions, but only covers the main topics. Some bookmakers, then, take great care of the section, while others compile it with only a few questions.

Another popular way to assist customers of the various betting sites is the email address, or written communication. On almost all sites you can find addresses to write to, but also forms to fill out. Simply enter your personal details, information to be contacted and the text of the problem. This works the same way for emails. You will receive a reply within a few hours or at most a few days.

Some operators, probably not the majority, also offer telephone support. Finally, we should mention an increasingly popular tool, live chat. This is not yet available in all bookmakers, but there is a general desire to integrate the service. What is this specifically about? It is a chat where you have an operator available in real time. This one will answer live to all the questions you will be asked.

Website usability and mobile app presence

One of the most widespread phenomena, not only in the world of betting sites, concerns the increasing presence of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. People are increasingly connected and with these devices can perform many operations at any time and in any place. Our industry has also been affected by this revolution and has had to adapt quickly to the situation.

The first countermeasure taken by betting sites was the creation of versions of their websites adapted to the graphics of these smaller devices. There are more pop-up menus, less information on the pages, but the substance does not change. On mobile devices you can do all the things you do on a desktop computer. You can register, play games, pour, pick up, and anything else.

You understand that sites with the best adaptations to the mobile version have more chances to be chosen by those who use these devices a lot. It is a very considered factor of choice. There are even bonus betting sites created by some operators for mobile subscribers.

The next step was the creation of dedicated applications that can be downloaded from the stores of your devices. This is a possibility that major bookmakers have developed or are developing. The graphics of the apps are similar to those of mobile sites. Here too you can enter your username and password to access your game account. With apps you can do all the things you do when browsing through your browser.

AAMS License

The last aspect that a player should consider in their choice is safety. When we talk about online betting we are also talking about the user’s money, which is paid out on the betting sites and used for betting. For this reason the user must take the operator he chooses seriously. The latter does not only have to deal with the player’s money. There are also personal data and sensitive information involved.

For these reasons, a bookmaker who wants to operate legally in Italy must obtain the AAMS license. This acronym refers to the Customs and Monopolies Agency, and is the body that regulates the online betting industry. This is just one of the tasks of the agency. In fact, it also deals with excise duties, tobacco products and similar tasks.

The bookmakers who obtain the AAMS license are the only ones authorized to operate in Italy. If you sign up for unlicensed betting sites you can run the risk that they will be blacked out in a short time. There are players who have lost deposits and winnings because of this.

The AAMS license guarantees a safe gaming environment. This means that the odds of winning are fair, that the winnings and jackpots obtained will be paid out on time and now and that the relationship between bookmaker and player is always fair and transparent. The agency also implements a number of initiatives to combat illegal gambling and, above all, compulsive gambling. The ultimate goal of the license is to ensure responsible and user friendly gaming.