Best Esports Betting Sites for Finland

Every year eSports in Finland develops dramatically. To tell the truth, Scandinavian region is a home for many professional gamers, who have already won many prestigious tournaments on the highest level. Many youngsters from Finland are crazy about DOTA 2, Starcraft, FIFA, CS:GO and other popular disciplines and they train hard to eventually have an ability to perform on professional tournaments. This makes it clear why eSports betting market in Finland is fairly wide and suggest customers many attractive offers. Let us revise the eSports betting in Finland.

Is eSports betting legal in Finland?

Betting sites from other states are forbidden for local citizens, since Finland has some national betting companies. But it does not mean that that you cannot bet on a particular match with the use of a foreign betting company. Finland set no mechanisms that regulate online betting, thus, this is fully possible to bet on eSports from Finland.

How to choose a safe eSports betting site

When choosing a betting site, first of all, you need to look at list – the number and variety of different competitions that you can bet on them. If the particular betting company is good, all tournaments are well-scheduled – you are provided with ability to bet on many matches. This will give you a chance to choose exactly the competition for which you want to put money.

This is also essential to be cautious about legal issues – if the bookmaker has a license, under what jurisdiction this license is issued, etc. The existence of a license at the betting company (and preferably your country) imposes a number of obligations on the bookmaker, including the payment of funds won.

Thus, when choosing a bookmaker, pay attention to the availability of a license and the number of events on which you can bet. And be lucky!

Is it worth betting on eSports?

Bets in the world of computer sports came not so long ago, but almost immediately they found their lovers. A lot of betting sites are actively updating the betting line of this category, now there is a very solid list of cyber disciplines that can be put in almost any self-respecting bookmaker Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Overwatch. And this list is constantly updated and supplemented, different companies occasionally add new disciplines that are very popular and have a pronounced eSports component.

The benefits of eSports betting in Finland:

  • Lack of information or cyber analytics at bookmakers. Due to the relative novelty of such rates, not all companies think it is necessary to hire appropriate personnel, while allowing for not always accurate coefficients. As a result, we have incorrect lines, strange movements of the coefficients, inexperienced divers leading the game – all this is there, it only needs to be found. For those who like to search for mistakes in lines, the field for work here is almost unplanned.
  • Frequent victories of dark horses and outsiders. Often in unbalanced series of Best of 1 games, beginners and outsiders can be very lucky, or they can win a well-deserved victory by good preparation and choosing the right strategy for the favorite, since the game is only one favorite will not have time to adapt to the opponent.
  • In view of the unity of both eSportsmen and their fan base with the Internet, information about changes in rosters, current substitutions or problems, as well as the strength of the opponent becomes more than accessible. You should not treat these factors without proper attention – in eSports disciplines, replacements and changes in the roster are not painless.
  • Computer games are held much more often than football, hockey and basketball games. Yes, and it is unlikely that the players will be able to play several matches a day, but professional DOTA gamers can do it. In addition, the presence of several “rounds” in one match gives a greater scope for betting – some betting sites offer bets on each of these rounds.

Disadvantages of eSports betting in Finland:

  • The line, unfortunately, is not really broad. In comparison with common types of sport (boxing, volleyball, soccer, basketball,american football etc.), where the line accounts for 200 different bets, nowadays eSports betting can suggest you a list of, for example, 5 or 10 types of bets.
  • The problem with live matches. The difficulty is that not all the matches are available in live mode, whereas this betting kind is really popular and provide many bettors with a nice opportunity to earn some money.

Types of eSports Betting in Finland

  • The main outcomes. In eSports, there is one important difference from traditional sports. It is important to watch how many cards there is a confrontation, for example, matches are held in the formats bo1, bo2, bo3, bo5, where the numbers indicate the maximum possible number of cards in the match.
  • The most dangerous option is bo1, here the match is played only until the first victory and there is no chance of betting. It is also worth attentive to bo2, many players bet 1 or 2 in these matches, but there may be a draw in this match. We recommend betting on matches that are played before 2 or 3 wins.
  • Handicap. In this form, there are two types of bets on handicaps. The first handicap on the maps, there are both plus and minus, usually this is + -1.5, + -2.5. The second handicap is more risky, as it is calculated inside one of the cards for the number of kills or the number of rounds won.
  • There are also very unconventional types of bets tied to a particular discipline. For example, in the Dota2 discipline, they take bets on first blood, that is, who will kill the opponent first. Unusual bets are also present in CS:GO, such as who wins the pistol round, that is, the first of 16 rounds exclusively on pistols, without heavy weapons.

eSports analytics

When analyzing eSports matches, the following things should be considered:

  • Formats match – bo1, bo2, bo3, bo5, etc. a lot depends on the format of the match. With a small number of games for victories, there are significant chances for outsiders to win, on the other hand, the more games the stronger the positions of favorites become. You also need to take into account the style of the game, for some teams or players, a certain format of the match may be preferable, and it will be the best results in it regardless of whether this team / player is a favorite or an outsider in this match.
  • New patches. (updates) The shape of the players varies greatly, from new patches to the game, therefore, before analyzing the game, if possible and if there is enough statistics, only games played after global updates should be taken into account. Even the most minor changes can lead to the fact that the team will lose its former power and stop showing results similar to the old ones.
  • Transfers. Many bettors do not pay attention to this factor. 90% of matches taking place after re-shuffles (transitions) are issued unpredictable as teams have not yet been played and show a game that does not correspond their statistics. Be careful with this.
  • Starting lineups. Many will ask: What starting lineups in eSports? And they will turn out to be wrong, everything is developing so much that there are already both replacements and a coach.

eSports betting in Finland: Deposit and withdrawal payment methods

This is clear that bettors from Finland commit money transactions with their betting account with the use of Euro. Here are the main payment methods:

  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • EcoPayz;
  • paysafecard;
  • Trustly;
  • Euteller;
  • bank transfers;
  • Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.


In general, Finnish eSports betting market seems to be a progressive one. Although, there are some difficulties, connected with the local law, you may be absolutely confident about betting sites that we recommend you above. The key point in Finnish betting is that cybersport is becoming more and more popular in the country. This is clear that finnish football or, for example, basketball players and boxers are not world-acclaimed and they did not achieved something special in the last years, but local eSports players can proudly represent their state in DOTA 2, FIFA, Starcraft, CS:GO etc. This factor also increases interest among people in cybersport. Hence, local eSports betting market has a good future and should be broader in the foreseeable future.