Best Esports Betting Sites for Denmark

Denmark is a small country with great bettor appetites. The Danes are really voracious. Yes, these appetites are considerable, given the standard of living in this five millionth Scandinavian country. Like their neighbors, local bettors feel quite comfortable, not knowing the strict limits of their bets. The state has a stricter attitude towards the bookmaker, but it is quite liberal, which allows all participants in the process to remain satisfied with themselves and the market. And from year to year he shows constant growth.

And of course, with a development of betting industry, eSports betting develops in Denmark as well. There are many either local, or foreign betting companies that accept bets on the most famous cyberdisciplines.

It all started with a monopoly

At the end of the last century, only one bookmaker worked in Denmark – the state monopolist Danske Spil . The office was founded in 1948, and for a long time it accepted bets only on the 1X2 system, that is, on the result of the game. The money earned by this bookmaker went to investing in the development of sports and charity. The state was very happy with this form of betting in the country – quietly, calmly, profitably and everything was under control. There were no visible problems with addiction to the game among the population.

As you know, the Internet could not help but destroy this idyll. The monopolist loyal to the state looked with alarm at the outflow of clients from to foreign bookmakers who were more persistent, offered the widest line and even dared to submit content in Danish. All for the sake of the client, who at the same time did not rest.

eSports Betting Soft regulation

With the typical Danes’ leisureliness, the law was prepared for almost two years and was released in January 2012. This law did not call for any prohibitions or restrictions; its main purpose was licensing market participants in order to protect their citizens from the black market of rates. Therefore, by law, Danes can only play with a registered bookmaker.

I must say that not everyone immediately rushed to get a local license. For example, William Hill does not have a Danish license, but modestly permits the use of the Danish krone as a settlement currency. Paddy Power does not have permission to provide its services in Denmark and is not trying to do something about it. But Ladbrokes, Bet365, Betfair, Bwin, Unibet took care of the opportunity to work in the legal field and bought the required permission.

The Sportingbet bookmaker went its own way – it acquired two Danish companies, Danbook and Scandinavian. So far, there are not many such companies, but their number is confidently approaching two dozen. The license provides an opportunity for five years to work both online and “on the ground.” It is impossible to say that with this step the state has discouraged Danes from offshore bookmakers , but the percentage of playing with illegal immigrants has fallen significantly.

Monopolist Danske Spil left less profitable bets on horse racing and dog racing. But this is in the field of betting, in general, the company earns quite a lot on the services of other types of gambling.

Current sports and eSports betting condition in Denmark

Refusal to work with a monopolist in favor of developing a free market brought Danish betting multiple growth. Citizens of the country are free in their choice and do not pay taxes on winnings – bookmakers do it for them. That is, for an ordinary Dane to set – easy and nice.

From the point of view of bookmakers, the legislation cannot be called strict, even considering the fact that the license needs to be updated every five years, which is quite expensive. The offices do not really like the picky attitude to advertising the services of gambling companies that do not have the right to use celebrity images in commercials and billboards. Regarding authorities, there are a lot of questions about advertising, for example, just writing that we can easily get rich for everyone is impossible, since this is an obvious lie.

In 2017, which, like in many European countries, was successful for bookmakers, Denmark showed worthy growth in income from betting – by almost thirty percent. The growth dynamics of this indicator is more intense than that of competitors on the gambling front – casinos, lotteries and slot machines.

Gaming courses

It is worth noting that recently, Danish gamers have shown good results in world gaming tournaments. Therefore, the state of the country, following this trend, decided that it was time to “increase rates” and had already introduced specialized courses for students who want to study eSports from a more academic point of view.

A teacher at the Københavns Private Gymnasium in Esterbro, Henrik Selch, said:

“This course is the shortest path to a professional career. Our goal is to prepare professional gamers for the already held eSports teams. We work closely with teams such as Astralis. ”

The head of eSport Denmark, Thomas Koed, also claims that the popularity of e-sports in Denmark has increased after the successes shown by the Danish teams in tournaments.

Turning to statistics, we can say that if in 2015 Campus Vejle had only 15 students enrolled in this course, but every year this number increases substantially.


It is worth talking separately about the Danish gaming team Astralis, which have gained popularity now not only in Denmark itself, but throughout the world.

Recently, even the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Löcke Rasmussen, visited their office. He was able to play CS:GO with the team players, as well as chat and take a couple of tips from coach Danny “Zonic” Sorensen.

The Prime Minister can be called a fan of the team, he always supports them and congratulates on the matches won in various tournaments. At the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen, he even made a speech in support of e-sportsmen and said a few words of farewell.

But only luck wasn’t on their side that evening, as the team lost 16 consecutive rounds in the first match of the group stage against FaZe Clan. The Danish team was able to win only the first two draws. The defeat continued during a meeting with Ninjas in Pajamas .

However, in the ranking of the best CS:GO teams, this Danish team has been in first place for a year now. The guys were able to win in 11 of the last 18 top tournaments.

A boy named Astralis?!

It also became known that one Dane decided to give his child the name Astralis in honor of this sensational team. Yes, many may say that the name would be more suitable for the girl, but tell it to Martin Rosenbek, who believes otherwise.

While some make tattoos with the names of their favorite characters, teams, films, etc., Martin decided to do something more and name his child in honor of his favorite team.

IPO by Astralis

Astralis recently announced that they want to issue their IPO on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market . It is already known that this will happen in 2019, but the exact date is not yet known.

The founder of the Astralis Group (the parent company of Astralis , Origen  and Future FC ), Nikolaj Nyholm said the following:

“Esports has already become a multi-million dollar industry, especially in the US and Asia. We have already managed to declare ourselves at large-scale tournaments, so now we want to confirm our status by launching our IPO. We will invest in organizations, media channels, commercial platforms, as well as various means of ensuring the effectiveness of activities. ”

ESports and the Danish Army

It would seem, what is the connection? The Danish army saw potential in talented eSports and gamers. The military sees in them the potential applicable in the air force.

The representative of the Danish armed forces said:

“Gamers are able to make better and faster decisions in stressful situations, work well in a team and give an account of their actions.”

As a result of a series of tests, the military was able to see the potential of gamers and the speed of the reaction. Major Anders Beh also said that “in 2017, for the first time, the military began to recruit recruits at venues that gamers often visit – this increased their influx.”

Of course, this does not mean that all Danish gamers will end up in the army. It will go a little differently. Although it is still not entirely clear how. But it is already clear that the Danish armed forces plan to work closely with the local eSports Federation and to identify methods of recruiting in the ranks of the military.

Is it legal to bet on eSports from Denmark?

Yes, sure. Most of well-known betting companies are licensed, that allows them to be a part of Danish betting market. eSports betting is legal there as well.

eSports deposit and withdrawal payment methods in Denmark

There are some common types of transfering your money to and from your betting account. Here are some of them:

  • Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards;
  • Dankort;
  • bank transfers;
  • PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and other e-wallets;
  • crypto-currencies are accepted (but not at every betting site);
  • others.

Are online casino and poker legal in Denmark?

Yes, they are. You are able to try yourself in poker or casino with the use of betting site, if it provides you with this possibility.

Are there any sign up bonuses?

Yes, they are. Many betting sites suggest you a pleasant welcome bonus. This is important that the majority of companies make it possible to get the bonus either from Denmark.