Best Esports Betting Sites for Canada

Canada is a country, where eSports betting market develops dramatically. There are a lot of citizens of this state who enjoy some eSports disciplines at their leisure time and would like to bet on some professional cybersport tournaments. This fact triggers many betting sites to add FIFA, LoL, CoD, DOTA 2, StarCraft tournaments to their betting line. Then, let us introduce the market of eSports betting in Canada.

eSports betting in 2021

This is clear that at the moment cybersport disciplines are on the peak of their popularity. Many young and mature people from all the world are interested in the famous games, like FIFA, DOTA 2, StarCraft, Hearthstone, CS:GO and others. We are living in the time when cybersport can become as popular as some real sports types, just like boxing, soccer, hockey, basketball etc. And Canada is not the exception. A substantial quantity of people from Canada are competent at cybersport and, as a result, they earn money on eSports betting.

The most popular cybersport disciplines to bet on in Canada


This discipline is very popular not only among players, but also among bookmakers. All due to the fact that in it you can show your tactical skills to the maximum. And if you follow the big tournaments and professional teams, then you can easily make successful predictions. In 2011, Valve introduced the world to the continuation of the cult card for Warcraft and announces the International tournament with a fabulous, even today, prize pool of $ 1 million. And after 5 years, the prize money is filling up for already 20 million. Such amounts for such a short time and brought Dota2 to the championship of all world e-sports disciplines.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

Counter-Strike is probably the most famous shooter in the whole world. It is the main eSports discipline of any general gaming championship, along with Dota. In addition to that, Valve developers hold major tournaments, the so-called “majors”. They decided to limit the prize funds for “counter” to one million dollars, despite the great success in the media of their first game (Dota2).

On Counter-Strike people bet almost as much as on Dota, in popularity it is not inferior in anything. This shooter gathers a lot fans from the screens, and professional players give them a spectacular and action-packed battle. If you are interested in CS:GO, then it is better to track the latest rehash and player interviews, this will help you, having correctly weighed all the information, bet it on the winner.

League of Legends

The game is not very different from its ancestor Defense of the Ancients (aka Dota), but still has its own system of rating games and various leagues, and is also endowed with a developed infrastructure of regional and world tournaments.

As an eSports discipline, it was first introduced in 2010 at the World Cyber ​​Games tournament, and since 2013, the League of Legends world championship has been held with a million prize pool.


Until 2017, it was called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. This is a turn-based collectible online card game from Blizzard Entertainment, based on the World of Warcraft universe.

Players fight one on one, using only cards and their unpredictable tactics. It is quite unusual to see such a casual game in the top five most popular and spectacular e-sports disciplines. But, nevertheless, it exists, not for nothing that the slogan of this game sounds like this: “Deceptively simple and incredibly exciting”.

Hearthstone hosts a huge number of world tournaments, which means that you can professionally bet on it, as well as poker, and make good money on it. The game is relatively predictable and each character has a “counter-peak”, however, the random equality of the odds and the artificial balance of the rivals provide an excellent opportunity to earn good money.

StarCraft 2

Another gorgeous creation of Blizzard Entertainment, the heir to the throne of RTS (real-time strategy), a worthy successor to a kind of space battles between humans and alien invaders – StarCraft 2.

Despite the fact that the game has already outlived its time, it is still the only representative of its genre in e-sports, and professional players are respected by representatives of other disciplines.

In betting on Starcraft, as in any other discipline, you should first understand the game itself. Take into account the skills of individual team players, strategic and tactical plans chosen by the players and statistics of past games. It is also important to take into account the number of matches, which varies from 1 to 7, the fewer matches, the greater the chances for a beginner to snatch victory from a veteran.


Virtual football, like other major e-sports disciplines, was introduced back in 2000. In addition, the organization of toy football championships is none other than FIFA itself.

Since 2004, every year the world tournament in this discipline FIFA Interactive World Cup. I note that recently, in connection with the popularization of e-sports, famous football teams began to sign gamers around the world.

This discipline is to some extent a manifestation of a football tote. If you understand football and like to bet on it, why not take a chance and bet on virtual football?

Basic eSports bet types

  • outcome – the choice of the winner (in some games a draw is possible); outcome on the first card or in the first round;
  • first blood – which team will commit the first kill;
  • total kills – the number of kills in a battle, a single round, or on a specific map;
  • individual total kills – kills (kills) of one of the teams are taken into account;
  • first 5/10/15 kills – which team will reach the specified number of kills first;
  • total time of the game – how long the confrontation will last (in whole or in a separate round);
  • total cards – how many cards will be played;
  • total rounds – the number of rounds in the game;
  • total rounds on a particular map;
  • winner of the tournament.

eSports betting payment methods in Canada

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Web Wallets (Neteller, Skrill)
  • PayPal
  • Pre-Paid Cards
  • Direct Bank Transfers

How popular is eSports and video games in Canada?

Many eSports disciplines are extremely popular in Canada. According to different statistics data, the Canadian community accounts for approximately 2 million gaming lovers. This number is incredible, considering the fact that the population of the country is roughly 37 million. Canada is10th largest video games market worldwide according to NewZoo.

Is it legal to bet on eSports in Canada?

Mostly, yes, but everything is now so simple. Different areas of Canada have their own laws about eSports betting and. In general, sports betting players are limited to using official, provincially sanctioned betting channels to bet on sport. These officially sanctioned betting options do not include many, if any, esports options.

The pleasant point, though, is that this is not forbidden for Canadian residents to use offshore betting sites to place bets on esports.


Canadian eSports betting market is quite suitable for local residents. Although Canadian law is fairly complicated in terms of gambling, it is quite safe to bet on eSports tournaments at the proved betting companies, that have a wide cybersport line.

In addition, the popularity of cybersport and video games at all increases substantially in Canada. Many people want to play and, as a result, to bet on particular eSports matches on their favourite teams, since this business may profitable for the professionals and not only. This is clear that Canadian authorities will revise the gambling law and fully allow people to bet.