CS:GO betting & gambling sites list

eSport has long ceased to be a marginal note; in addition to filled halls, millions of viewers watch the games on the Internet. Sponsors have also discovered some potential and often earn five-figure salaries for the athletes. The market of betting has long been aware of the ongoing hype, which is why many well-known bookmakers have already integrated eSports into their range as a separate category. One of the most popular games is the Counter Strike. CSGO betting or so-called gambling has gained huge popularity over the past few years. Иelow we have compiled a list of the best bookmakers for betting on CSGO, according to our editorial staff.

Betting for CS:GO. Things you need to know

CS:GO is the successor to the well-known Counter Strike. This game is a first person shooter game, where two collectives fight against each other in five different modes. A CS:GO eSport fight is divided into several rounds and a round is won when the opponent’s entire team is eliminated or the bomb is defused / laid down or the time is up (the maximum time for a round is two minutes) Fight can be played on different maps and a map is considered conquered when a team has won sixteen rounds. Today the eSports scene around eSports sports betting for CS:GO is as big as never before. The major tournaments are viewed by millions of players via live stream or directly on site.

Since eSport bets for CS:GO and some other games are enjoying increasing popularity, the number of bookmakers for corresponding bets is also growing. In order to be successful with eSport bets for Counter Strike and Co., however, a certain basic understanding of the topic is required, which we would like to summarize here.

For the popular first person shooter Game CS:GO there are now a variety of different betting options – the days when only the winner could be guessed are long gone. Several betting markets or betting types can be selected with eSport bets for CS:GO, which guarantees the best betting feeling.

The various betting lines (markets) offered by Counter Strike

Match winner and map winner

Everything is very simple here: we rely on the team that will be the map winner or the entire match winner.

Group and tournament winners

CS:GO Esport Betting online for group winners is usually possible at large events. Almost all bookmakers offer this betting offer because this betting option is also widespread in CS:GO and in other electronic sports. This is a classic single bet, in which a specific team is selected, which emerges as the group winner in the eyes of the players. There are also long-term bets on offer from bookmakers. These are CS:GO tips on the tournament winner. These bets can be placed until the start of a tournament. If it was opened, the betting for the tournament winner is deactivated. Only when the tournament is over will the players see whether they have been successful with their bet. An overall winner bet offers the tipster an enormously high odds.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting sometimes is not easy to understand for the beginners. This is about betting on a better collective with a virtual disadvantage. For example: the two teams “Astralis” and “FaZe Clan” have a personal meeting. We understand the bet for “Astralis” with -6.5 and for “FaZe Clan” with +6.5. The value is taken into account for the end result maps. If the “Astralis” team wins the map 16:7, the 6.5 points from the “FaZe Clan” are added to the 7. This gives a result of 16: 13.5. If the bet had been made as a handicap bet for the “Astralis” team, it would have been won. However, if the players had bet on “FaZe Clan”, they would be lost. Decimal numbers from 5 are rounded up, the final result would therefore be 16:14.

Over / Under Betting

This betting option is also popular with CS:GO Esports tipsters and bookmakers. Here you bet whether over or under than a specified number of rounds will be played. For example, if a tip with “Over” 25.5 rounds is given, the result must be at least 16:10. If it was only 16:9 or under, the bet is lost. Here, too, the 0.5 is always rounded up, which means that the bet in our example can be numbered 26. Over and under bets are becoming increasingly popular and can also be placed on frags or maps. The number of frags is of course significantly higher, since both teams have five players. Over or under betting is only available in knockout games where a team has to win three maps, for example, to win the match.

CS:GO tournaments – the most important events

CS:GO also has numerous international tournaments and competitions. Some of them are particularly important for the scene, while others are only used for the regional showdown. One of the largest and most famous tournaments is “ESL One”: This is where players and teams of electronic sports meet on an international level to compete in the various games. It is not only designed specifically for CS:GO, but brings together the best of the best of all esport games. The prize money at the tournaments can vary. It is not uncommon for millions to be reached. However, this is only the case with the really big events of the scene. For qualification tournaments or small,

The range of CS:GO bets is particularly extensive, especially in the larger tournaments. CS:GO betting skins and other special bets are possible.

Exceptionally big tournaments of the CS:GO scene

In addition to ESL One, which has already taken place in Hamburg, among others, there are many other important tournaments of the Electronic Sports League in the bookmaker’s program. The best betting provider should not be highlighted here, since CS:GO is usually represented by all providers. Nevertheless, especially the smaller tournaments are not always listed and it is worth comparing the best Esports sites.

A highlight of the annual events is the Dreamhack. At the largest LAN party in the world, numerous gamers meet alongside the professionals to compete with other players. The Intel Extreme Masters are also among the highlights of the counter strike scene and attract thousands of people to the arenas of the world every year. The StarLadder Series and the CS:GO Summit are two other tournaments that allow teams to compete against each other in a league mode. CS:GO bets with skins are ideal for such occasions.

This is how you can optimally use eSport sports betting for CS:GO

The following tips will help you to successfully dive into the world of eSports betting and to achieve initial success with tips on Counter Strike and Co.:

Informing and acquiring specialist knowledge:  Above all with an eSport bet on Counter Strike, it is of crucial importance to get sufficient information about the upcoming competition before placing a bet. In any case, it makes sense to examine the opponents’ game statistics in order to be able to better assess the opportunities and risks in advance. You should also watch some videos of past competitions and follow them carefully via current events via stream.Carrying out odds comparison : As already briefly mentioned, betting odds at eSports can be particularly lucrative. Many providers still have difficulties in correctly estimating the probability of winning individual tips, which can result in one or the other disproportionately high odds.Use new customer bonus : Every good betting provider has a new customer bonus for newbies. The player can use this to place his first eSport bets. Depending on the bookmaker, the first deposit can be doubled, for example, up to a value of 100 euros. To get the best offers here, a betting bonus comparison can definitely be worthwhile.

CS:GO betting tips

With electronic sports, it can sometimes be difficult to place a suitable bet. Often there are many offers for a tournament good advice is expensive, which bet should be the right one. Beginners in particular often find it difficult to decide on a suitable bet. We would like to share a few tips and tricks here that will make the selection a little easier. It is not just about possible betting options, but also about choosing the right bookmaker. A best sports betting bonus does not help if it cannot be used on esports, but is only available for other sports. A recommendable bookmaker presents itself with good odds, transparent information and a wide range of bets on numerous large and small tournaments of the CS:GO scene.

Compare odds

Every time a bet is placed, it is important to compare the odds offered. The bookmakers offer variable odds for every tournament and every bet. That is why it is advisable to get information from several bookmakers at the same time. Often a few points can make all the difference. A website also offers help with the comparison, which shows all odds from a wide range of bookmakers.

It is also advisable to choose some good bookmakers like in advance and register there to get the highest odds. Tippers should have deposits and withdrawals made using an e-wallet, so that they can quickly move credit from one bookmaker to another if necessary. Deposits usually only take a few seconds and are deducted from the online wallet’s credit account. Payouts are available again within a few hours and can then be placed on the best odds.

Track information

Information is essential before placing bets. Most bookmakers provide free information in the form of statistics on the teams and events. If that’s not enough for you, you can also find out about electronic sports on various portals. Here, not only current news about the individual teams, tournaments or games are presented, but also live streams and other useful information is provided. For example, is a team weakened by a player’s failure or is there a new patch in the game? All of this can have a lasting impact on the course of the game. With prior knowledge of this information, bets can be placed in a more targeted manner.

A little tip: If you watch a live broadcast, you can get an Esports tip from the analysts. It is not uncommon for former professionals or experts on the scene to be asked which team they see in front. By listening carefully, a tipster can quickly notice a betting tip.

Choosing The Best CSGO Gambling Sites

Many betting providers now also offer electronic sports. Picking a legit csgo gambling website that has a broad range of markets means that you’ll find more csgo match betting options. The number of betting markets is not always the same, so this factor in particular can be used as a decision criterion. For example, if you like to bet on unusual esports, you should also choose the right bookmaker. The new game Street Fighter V, for example, is only offered by selected bookies. The esport classics LOL, CS:GO or Dota 2, on the other hand, can be found in almost all bookmakers. The decision to bet with a provider should not only be based on the betting markets, but also taking other factors into account. These can be, for example, bonuses granted, reputable payment methods or reliable customer service.

We also recommend considering the EU license. Most bookmakers for electronic sports betting are equipped with this renowned paper. However, providers who have a license from Malta, Great Britain or from another continent do not necessarily have to be dubious. To do this, it is advisable to read the betting provider comparison.

Conclusion: Counter Strike: GO – a real highlight for friends of eSport gambling

With CS:GO, the Valve company has created a great game, everyone knows about it. CS is not only named as a brilliant “shooting game”. The game is highly popular all over the world, that is why many players now prefer to choose this game. CS:GO also has a popularity among bettors. Great tournaments are held in terms of CS:GO, which are followed with bookmakers and players attention. You are able to bet on classic bets as well as various unusual bets, for example the winner of the first pistol round or something like that. This is exactly one of the most fascinating area to bet on.