Best Call of Duty Betting Sites

Best Call of Duty Betting Sites The world–acclaimed game Call of Duty was born over 15 years ago. Command and solo hostilities are the foundation of a game, that looks a real war. Tournaments in which real players and bots take part are especially popular with fans of this shooter. Broadcasts of such matches often take place in real time. They are full of the most incredible emotions and bright moments. People from any corner of our planet can not only monitor the development of events from computer monitors, but also bet on the outcome of matches.

Call of Duty betting now suggests us a substantial quantity of official and legal betting companies.

Here is the list of the best Call of Duty betting sites:

General information

In each game of the Call of Duty series, the player will take part in one of the wars of the past or future. It can be hypothetical military operations or quite real events. For example, in the first and second parts, as well as World at War and WWII, we are talking about the Second World War. In Modern Warfare, events of the past intersect with the hypothetical Third World War, where the United States and Russia, as well as their allies, participate.

The greatest resonance was caused by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, released in 2019. It deals with modern military operations in Syria, Ukraine, as well as past events in Iraq. Most of the participants are named differently, for example, instead of Al-Qaeda, Al-Katala is present in the game, and Castovia is instead of the DNI and LND. But this did not affect Russia.

The player will have to confront the RF Armed Forces under the command of General Barkov. Accordingly, in Modern Warfare you can see all the atrocities that the world community ascribes to Russia, such as chemical attacks on Syrian cities. Because of this, the game is officially banned in the Russian Federation.

But in e-sports tournaments do not play the storyline. It uses multi-user mode. Players find themselves on two sides of the barricades on one of the ready-made cards.

Their task is to kill all rivals (deathmatch), capture their base, defuse the bomb and so on. True, the sides of the conflict in the game are the same as in the storyline. That is, in Modern Warfare 2019 to play for the Russian Federation or the United States.

Sometimes in tournaments they play zombie mode as entertainment. This is a real CoD trick. The task there is very simple – to kill as many opponents as possible, who after death turned into zombies. Here are the players and compete in who will kill more of such opponents. But very rarely do they do it for money and prizes. Usually in major tournaments they play full-fledged multiplayer mode.

How to bet on Call of Duty?

There is a group of people who like to take a direct part in battles and fascinating matches.

Also we can notice, that there is a particular gamers, who just adore live streaming. Some of the professionals have even created their own Call of Duty betting strategy.

The guys who are not fully experienced in CoD betting can find out something new with a help of them. Maybe, some tactics will provide them with a possibility to earn some money.

The mane rule of many Call of Duty fights: only 6 players take part in the match. The one match continues for 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

The player that commits the biggest number of kills during this period is the winner. There are occasionally 3 winners in the matches. Experienced players like to bet on such fights.

The strategy of this betting is not complicated. The smallest total goes to bots with a rifle. With such weapons it is not easy to win for a real person. Well, bot is almost impossible to do this.

Therefore, a minimum is put on it.

This is done quite simply. A user visits the Call of Duty bet section.

This is where the next match is located.

Call of Duty bet types

Match winner

One of the most common bets that is also we can meet in real sports betting. This is an option, where you just have to choose the team that wins a particular fight.


These are options where you place bets on a certain condition of an event that exceeds or exceeds a certain amount set by the bookmaker. The following markets are most often offered for Call of Duty: the total number of cards played, more or less than the amount set by the bookmaker.

The winner

This type of betting should be highly familiar for those love betting at all. This type of bet is much more prone to team mistakes, as this option lasts longer, during which the team you bet on can hiccup during the tournament, but ultimately come back and win the competition.

Popular Championships

Activision, the developer of this series of games, holds major tournaments every year, the largest of which is CoD – Call of Duty Championship. Everyone can be selected in Europe, North America, Brazil, and the Asia–Pacific region. The prize fund of the competition is more than $ 1 million and is growing every year. In 2016, the Call of Duty World League, i.e. the world league, was created for the Championship. It consists of two divisions – amateur and professional. Depending on success, you can move from one to another. For example, if a gamer wins an amateur division, he can become a professional. In various tournaments during the year under the auspices of the World League, more than 3 million bucks are won. Championship is like the very top decisive tournament of the year. But there are other, smaller competitions, which are also very popular and affect the place of players in the qualification for the Championship:

  • CWL Pro League – a prize pool of 1.25 million dollars, the peak of the audience (that is, the maximum number of people who watch matches in the hall or on the Internet) is more than 81 thousand.
  • CWL Anaheim – prize pool of 325 thousand dollars, peak audience 122 thousand
  • CWL London – 325 thousand bucks and more than 88 thousand spectators.
  • CWL Fort Worth – 325 thousand dollars and 110 thousand spectators.
  • Twitch Rivals Call of Duty Blackout Challenge – 80 thousand and 55 thousand, respectively.
  • CODE Bowl presented by US Army Esports – 82 thousand spectators, the prize fund can be very different.
  • Call of Duty World League Vegas – you can win 250 thousand units of the American currency; more than 200 thousand people around the world are watching.
  • CWL Seattle, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Dallas Open – 200 thousand dollars and 40 thousand views.
  • Canadian Championship – 60 thousand bucks and 12 thousand spectators.

These competitions are held almost every year, although the Call of Duty tournament calendar is subject to change. In addition to them, they play a huge number of small competitions, which can also be watched online. Usually there are live broadcasts on the organizer’s website. In these tournaments, the last game from the CoD series is most often used. That is, in 2021 they played in Modern Warfare, although some organizers decided to abandon it in connection with the ban in Russia.

Call of Duty line

The Call of Duty line is more than wide. In those bookmakers where they bet on this game, you can bet on all tournaments with a visual peak of more than 1 thousand. In other words, if the competition is known to at least a small number of people, betting sites will give a line to it.

In the line

there are bets for victory, an accurate score, a head start on the cards, as well as the outcome of the battle on each card. International offices also allow you to put on a standoff pairs of players, the total kills and deaths of an individual player. This is the widest version of the painting, most often it has only the main outcome and nothing more. In live, administrators can add bets on the winner of this and the next round. But in general, the painting does not change, the coefficients may rise or fall depending on the course of the match.