Apex Legends Betting Sites

Respawn Entertainment amazed the shooter world with Apex Legends in early 2019. The makers of Titanfall have left their mark on the Battle Royal scene. After just one week, 25 million users were already playing Apex Legends. The fact that the complete game was released for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One has given the title even more momentum. Similar to the Battle Royal competition, Apex focuses on Season including the possibility to buy a Battle Pass.

Game Principle

Apex Legends is all about the Battle Royale mode. Many people are probably already familiar with it. Several players fight for survival on a huge map. Only the last team or the last player can win. Apex Legends does not yet have a solo mode. You must prove yourself against others in a team of three players. If your friends are not online at the moment, you will be randomly assigned teammates. But Respawn, the developer, has already announced new modes. Among other things solo and duo games are to be added. If you are thrown into the game as a team, you can first decide which character you want to play. From a selection of eight legends with different active and passive abilities, the player can choose one. It is important that a character may never appear twice in the team of three. The order of the selection among the players in the team is random.



Apex Legends Betting Sites


After character selection, all players fly over the map. In each team there is one person who can decide when to jump off. Normally the other players follow automatically, but you can also break away and win the game on your own. In this team mode, however, team play is very important and offers strong advantages. Especially the abilities of the individual characters contribute to this. If you lose a fight, the player will be incapacitated first and crawl on the ground. Teammates who are still alive can revive each other. Each game itself can’t last forever, because the game card gets smaller and smaller. Rings that spawn ever closer and closer include the card. So individual teams meet each other faster. If you are outside the circular zone you will get damage and can die quickly. At the end there is only a small circle left, which then closes completely.


Weapons, Utility And Loot

Weapons and utilities can be found everywhere on the map. So you start without equipment. This can make the initial phase of the game very hot. If you don’t want to take a risk, you end up where nobody else wants to go. Medkits have highest priority in the beginning. You should actively search for them. Usefully you can mark Loot and thereby “ping” to the team members. This way you can be successful even without communication. The choice of weapons, if you find them, is very large. Every weapon can be upgraded by mods, which you can find everywhere. Each weapon can be tested on its own shooting range. In general you can say that almost all weapons can be useful. Only with the Mozambique pistol everybody agrees – it is useless.




The most powerful weapons are classified as legendary and are also very rare. The Mastiff Shotgun is extremely strong in close combat and the Kraber Sniper is probably the strongest weapon on the big map, but not advantageous in late game. The strongest weapons in each category, not only found in supply pods, are the G7 Scout (Sniper), R-301 (Assault Rifle), M600 Spitfire (LMG), Peacekeeper (Shotgun) and Wingman (Pistol). But of course this is only on paper. You should always choose weapons that you feel most comfortable with and support your own playing style. In future updates there may be new and better weapons. In our eSport News section we will publish important news about tournaments and Apex Legends and if there are any changes we will update this page as well.


As mentioned, there are 8 selectable characters in total. But two new ones have already been announced by Respawn. Each one has a given role, but this only roughly describes the abilities. How you play a character is up to you. On the one hand we have Bloodhound, who is good at tracking down enemies. With him you can see the tracks of the enemies, you can look through the wall for a short time and with the ultimate ability the tracks become more visible and the speed higher. Lifeline is a Medic. Although any player can resurrect teammates, it is much faster. Lifeline can also create a drone that heals everyone in the environment for a short time. The Ultimate spawns a box of high quality equipment.

Apex Legends eSport betting – more betting markets than possible in Fortnite!

The eSport bookmakers are very excited, finally a Battle-Royale game that can be played in team mode! This gives you all the advantages you can dream of in a Co-Op game. Teams, fans of teams and odds on specific teams.

  • In Fortnite, the situation is that with all the action on the map, only live bets on kill scores and overall winner bets on a few professional players make sense. Many other betting markets have not yet been developed.
  • In Apex Legends: Would I spontaneously come up with a squad bet or heroes that have been picked in the winning team.

Apex Legends eSport. The Apex Legends Twitch Rivals are coming up

The first eSports tournament was not long in coming, of course. In cooperation with Twitch, a tournament was cobbled together in no time at all and there was a total of 50,000 US dollars to be won for EU and Na. Since there are no competitive servers yet, the tournament was played in random mode and there was a lot of laughs! But the potential of the game is already emerging with excitement, which can develop a completely different tension curve than Fortnite, for example, due to the 4 player team mode.

Which online sports betting provider suits me best?

In order to answer this question, you should define in advance of the search which quality features on a betting site are particularly important for you.

Are you looking for the best betting odds, is an attractive welcome bonus important for you, does the bookmaker have to have numerous different deposit methods or are quick payouts essential for you in any case?

The more precisely you can define your respective wishes and ideas, the safer you will be in finding the betting provider that exactly meets your needs and you will not take any risks when choosing the provider for online sports betting.

What should beginners and newcomers pay particular attention to?

There is probably no formula for safe winnings, but there are a few important rules that beginners should pay particular attention to, so that their entry into the world of sports betting does not disappoint.

The following 5 tips should be followed by beginners in the field of online betting:

  • Take enough time when choosing the right betting provider

Don’t decide on the first best provider just because you have just seen it in advertising. Take your time to compare the offers of the most important online sports betting providers, read the test reports on betting portals, and take a look at the comments in various betting forums can also be helpful in making a decision.

  • Familiarize yourself with the most important types of bets and functions

The huge offers of the modern online sports betting providers can lead to the fact that you choose bet types whose rules you do not know exactly as a beginner. Inform yourself in advance about the functioning and exact rules of the relevant betting forms, most providers have their own help or FAQ section for this purpose. Don’t start with a more complicated system bet on your betting slip right away, but first familiarise yourself with the basic bets. Also, you should not immediately start betting on exotic sports that you hardly know anything about. A simple tip on a Bundesliga match is certainly the better choice for beginners to enter the world of sports betting.

  • Compare betting odds and select the best odds

You can only be successful with sports betting in the long term if you select the best odds available on the market for your favourite tips. The betting odds are something like the bookmaker’s house advantage, this is where the profit margin with which a betting company calculates is hidden. The better the selected odds from the betting customer’s point of view, the lower the advantage of the sports betting provider and the higher the chance of successful betting in the long run.

  • Obtain information on betting events

Before placing a bet on a team or an athlete, you should obtain as much and, above all, up-to-date information as possible on the betting event in question. The aim should be to gain an information advantage over the bookmaker. This is basically possible because the bookmaker has to keep track of many thousands of betting events in his offer – you as a betting customer, on the other hand, can concentrate on a few events and obtain the best possible information on these.

  • Define and maintain a reasonable budget for sports betting

The most important tip or basic rule, not only for beginners: set a personal budget for your sports betting! This budget should be set at a maximum high enough so that you can easily cope with a total loss. If the budget is used up, then take a break until a corresponding budget is available again. Do not try to make up lost capital by betting more and more and higher and higher! Betting should first and foremost be fun, and this is only possible if the loss of bets is not a problem at all.

You can find more information, detailed analyses and tips as well as numerous different strategies for advanced betting friends in our category Betting strategies for successful sports betting.

How do I place an eSport bet?

The registration and login procedures of the betting providers do not differ much from each other. In just a few minutes you can easily register and plan your first bets. Some providers also lure with bonuses for the first bets. Because the odds of the betting providers sometimes differ immensely, we recommend that you consider registering with several providers. Good luck with your first bet!

What could I win in the end?

A numbers game: Let’s take LCS and our bet aims at Match Cloud 9 vs. TSM. From us or the betting provider you will learn that the odds are 1.35 on the win for Cloud 9.  We bet 10 € on the win of Cloud 9 vs. TSM. In case of a win for Cloud 9 your stake will now be multiplied by the factor 1.35 (odds).

10 € (stake) x 1.35 (odds) = 13.50 € (win)

Combined bets increase the winnings considerably, as the stake is calculated on each of the odds.

Stake x odds 1 x odds 2 x … = win

Here again a numerical example: You bet 10 € on Cloud 9 vs. TSM and combine the bet with another discipline, e.g. on the overall victory of G2 in IEM Katowice 2018, which is endowed with 2.9 odds. If both bets are placed, you win the following:

10 € (stake) x 1.35 (odds 1) x 2.90 (odds 2) = 39.15 € (win)

What are the advantages and special features of eSport betting?

The special feature of eSport is that the betting odds are still estimated and set manually by various experts. Every bookmaker relies on his own experts, which often results in high differences in odds between the providers. One can take advantage of this special feature and always bet for the “best odds”.

We do not speak in eSport also of “luck”. A team usually deserves to win a tournament because of its experience and outstanding performance and not because of a wrong decision by the referee or something similar. Of course, sometimes an outsider wins against a favourite, but there are also more or less objective reasons for this.

What would a weather experience be without being able to take part in the action up close. No sport in the world can be broadcast on so many platforms, in such high quality. Examples are Youtube and Twitch.


As you can already understand, choosing a bookmaker is not a question of 5 minutes. For a large percentage of players, choosing a good bookmaker can be a decisive factor in their win or loss in the long run.

Remember that nobody rushes you. And you can make your careful choice and select some ideal bookmakers for you. If you have another choice of several bookmakers, place bets with the one that offers the best odds. Handle the choice of a bookmaker as well as the choice of a bank to store a large amount. Here you should do the same thorough analysis before you deposit money into your account.